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The social & cultural impact of 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Go to your room, Father said to his children in the late evening. This followed another instruction to go to your kitchen. It was directed at his wife. Fictional, yes, with a chance that it happens in the majority of households. Things are comparatively different since the younger generation gets the idea of shared responsibility. There is nothing denying the fact that men and women are designed differently to perform their respective duties. Can that be applied to every sector? Echoes every point of the world.

The first FIFA World Cup for men was held in 1930. The first unofficial FIFA World Cup for women was held in 1970. It took FIFA 21 years to finally recognize the tournament and give it a green signal on paper. However the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup points towards blending the gender-based difference between men and women and giving female players an equal opportunity to play and fulfill their ambitions. As a result of FIFA’s step to bring a social and cultural difference for good, all the Football betting experts are keeping a close watch on the best FIFA betting sites.

Football does not belong to women, they said

There lies a common perception that women cannot play a sport as effectively as men. The same holds true in the case of Football. However, as per statistics, FIFA Men’s World Cup 2018 was watched by over 3.572 billion people around the world. The number for FIFA Women’s World Cup 2019 stood at 1.12 billion. Both figures stand true as per the official announcement by FIFA.

A need to eliminate the thought process that sports are gender specific is missing despite a lot of people coming from well-educated backgrounds. Football goes far beyond the point of dedicating itself to just men. Women have taken over the grounds to showcase that they can compete and represent their countries with the same level of respect that men do it.

Nelson Mandela puts it in words by saying that sports have the power to change the world. It can unite and inspire people in a way one cannot imagine.

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup is being promoted as an event that is centered around gender equality. It is right to assume that the theme is indeed the much-needed step forward. There is speculation that the tournament will have a negative impact on Australia since the country is struggling with inflation amid the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Ignore. Fans may choose to speak from their hearts.

Football brings together a crowd that goes on to become a community. Everyone shares the same sentiment for the sport, and even a small campaign does unimaginable wonders.

Watch us rise, we said

The tournament will be hosted by Australia and New Zealand. It gives fans of both countries a chance to display how they can help bring gender equality to the sport. The new edition is replicating the model of the FIFA Men’s World Cup by allowing 32 teams to participate in the tournament against the previous number of 24. 

Meaning eight more teams will be present in the tournament. Female representation boosts the emotions that women can do what men do in Football for the nation. Simultaneously, it will instill a sense in everyone’s mind that there is indeed a scope of making it to the international level.

Infrastructure undoubtedly requires some work; however, associations and governments stepping up to boost female participation in Football will inspire young women to take every opportunity for the country. This can be looked at in another way: Say if Argentina won a world cup in 2022, then it has a chance to bring home another world cup in 2023 if the women’s team makes it to the final.

A young girl watching them play would definitely dream of becoming the next Vanina Correa, Estefania Banini, or Aldana Cometti but for their own country.

Gender equality points towards a proper and practical distribution of rights and responsibilities among individuals of all genders, irrespective of their domain or areas of expertise. FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 takes a step forward to demonstrate the same. They want to show that both men and women must have an opportunity to participate in Football for their countries. Young women will get a broader perspective and inspiration from FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

Having said that, Football is just one sport highlighted in this article. The same applies to every other sport, like cricket and tennis, that is doing a similar job of putting women at the front line with men.

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