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NFL and Enthusiastic Gaming Collaborate for the Debut of Tuesday Night Gaming

A joint effort of NFL and Enthusiastic Gaming has brought out Tuesday Night Gaming which starts on September 13, 2022, at 6:30 PM ET and runs throughout the NFL season. Tuesday Night Gaming features some of the prominent names from the NFL who have either played the tournament or are currently pursuing their efforts in the tournament.

A total of 12 NFL players – past and present – will team up with 6 gaming content creators and compete weekly. A variety of popular games are being held during the event. These include Rocket League, Madden NFL 23, and Fortnite.

Teams will compete every week, and a performance scorecard will be presented on a weekly basis. The top four teams will qualify for a single-elimination round followed by the final round, where only one team will be crowned Champion.

The series will shift towards NFL Family Game Night, where fans and children can play along with their favorite NFL stars.

Some of the NFL players who are confirmed to appear in the event are:-

  • Chauncey Gardner-Johnson
  • Leonard Fournette
  • Amon-Rs St. Brown
  • DeSean Jackson
  • Brian Orakpo
  • Robert Griffin III

Tuesday Night Gaming aims to bring together the world of NFL and esports through the virtual action that will be broadcasted on YouTube across the United States of America and Canada.

The update follows the action that was seen on Sunday during the NFL. It is not likely to have any effect on betting on NFL; however, stay on the lookout for recent statistics.

Enthusiastic Gaming is the largest community platform for eSports fans and gamers. The venture’s mission is to build the largest network of gamers worldwide by leveraging the content’s originality, organizing events, and accessing multi-channel media.

It relies on four pillars: Content, Communities, Experiences, and Creators.

The NFL is on a roll with Week 1 coming to an end as the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Denver Broncos by 17-16. The first two quarters were dominated by the Seattle Seahawks as the team scored 7 and 10 in both quarters, respectively. A couple of zeroes remained on the final scoreboard for the subsequent quarters following halftime.

According to the latest sports news, The Denver Broncos responded with an equal score in the second quarter after following behind by 4 points in the first quarter. Three points came in in the last quarter, but the team was left with no seconds to cover up one point for a tie.

Week 2 of the NFL begins on September 16, 2022, with the Kansas City Chiefs going up against the Los Angeles Chargers. Both teams come running from a huge victory in their previous games. While the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Raiders by 24-19, the Los Angeles Chargers dominated the Cardinals by 44-21.

The end of Week 1 also calls for a final score in Tuesday Night Gaming, where NFL legends and creators compete for the ultimate crown of Champion.

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