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NFL owners to decide the fate of in-stadium sports books on game days

Sportsbooks are allowed to operate inside the stadium throughout the day except on the day of the game. This could soon change if NFL owners pass the resolution in their league meeting. Chances are strong, considering they are taking into account the potential revenue that the segment generates and the fan interest that it drives.

No matter how well the voting process goes, players will still be restricted from placing bets, while fans will be heavily encouraged to keep aside a few dollars. Others have raised questions asking if it will tamper the spirit of the game. As a matter of fact, one of the NFL fans has even hit out, saying that the association is dancing with the devil purely for financial gains. All NFL enthusiasts and bettors keep a close eye on the top NFL betting sites to get all the needed information. A few fans have even asked if the referees will be paid immediately after the game from this point.

There are two ways to look at it, with some fans agreeing to it already. If sportsbooks are kept open inside the stadium on the game day, then those who do not wish to participate must not place any bets. Fair enough; however, speculation is in place, citing that it will take away the spirit of the game anyway.

Sports betting has been going on to keep the level of interest higher among the fans. States have generously collected revenue, and operators have thrived by listing endless odds on their platforms. Motives may not be taken at face value, but fans are at liberty to not engage in such activities if they do not appreciate it. Consider it a provision for those who do online through their mobile phones.

Another question raised by a fan says that the integrity of the sport will be thrashed the moment someone is found guilty. Calvin Ridley, for instance, was banned from the sport after he was found guilty of placing a bet during the 5-day period. The ban term is over, and Ridley is all set to make a comeback in the Jaguars as their WR. Point being made, another such case could take away the reputation that the NFL has built so far.

The vote can swing in any direction. Assuming it goes through, sportsbooks will have the right to remain open on the game day. A situation where sportsbooks have to remain closed will see online operators continue hosting their community during the game day. Revenue and fan interest could be at the center, but it must not compromise the integrity of the game. An update on the NFL’s voting process and its outcome is awaited.

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