NFL’s relationship with gambling comes under scrutiny

The relationship between the NFL and gambling is picking up traction. This comes to light after five players were suspended last month alone. While it has policies in place already, the question arises if they are being conveyed effectively or not.

The NFL technically had to regain its ground in the market after the Supreme Court struck down PASPA, allowing the market to spread beyond Nevada. PASPA, here, is the Professional & Amateur Sports Protection Act.

With opportunities for the NFL and football players to participate better in sports betting, there has also opened a door for increasing violations by players, coaches, and other team members.

For starters, the NFL has partnered with US Integrity. This enables the NFL to track down bets placed by individuals whose activities are restricted or who have been prohibited from participating in sports betting. Once tracked, their details are further shared with sportsbooks along with the signal that their inclusion is flagged.

When asked how the policy of the NFL is different for players, coaches, and other team members, the spokesperson responded by saying that all NFL personnel are prohibited from placing bets directly or through a third party. This spreads evenly to every NFL game or other similar event.

The only exception is that football players can bet on sports that are other than the NFL. This was introduced to the policy in 2018 after the Supreme Court took a call on the PASPA. Players, before this development, were prohibited from placing bets on any game.

Fantasy and the NFL betting practice share a common ground as well. However, per the statement released by the NFL, it has been clarified that they do not consider Fantasy sports to be gambling. Meaning players can place bets on Fantasy sports, and that would not be tagged as gambling.

Restrictions, nonetheless, are still in place. For instance, no NFL personnel can accept a prize that is worth more than $250. The goal of placing such prohibitions is to avoid the appearance of impropriety.

Violations have existed since the Supreme Court struck down the act. The NFL is discovering them now for a better type of technology, and an enhanced team is available to track and monitor activities. The NFL has said that they have partnered with sportsbooks and integrity firms to place a network in the market so that improper bets can be duly identified.

There is a higher visibility of violations. More NFL betting sites are also expected to follow the trend in the times to come. 

Their approach may differ, but a concrete set of actions to prohibit banned players will be implemented. As for education about its gambling policy, the NFL claims to educate over 17,000 people every year. This includes coaches, staff, and players of all thirty-two teams.

Edna Boykin

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