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Online Casinos Can Thrive in the Digital Entertainment Era by Catering to Casuals

The online gaming industry is flourishing once again. After a lull that lasted for almost a decade, operators are starting to see vast number increases year to year. Across the major networks, numbers were up by as much as 20% in the early part of 2020. Part of the industry’s resurgence is due to the increase in casual players finding their way online.

As a testament to the glut of newbies playing online, operators have upped their game with regards to safety and social responsibility. Although standards have always been high, new measures have been introduced in recent years to make things even better. Today, everything from deposit limits, session limits, and self-exclusion play into the latest wave of responsible gaming features

Modern Online Casinos Cater to Casuals

With online betting and gaming sites safer than ever, operators have turned their attention towards the casual consumer and how to satisfy their desire for entertainment. When a new customer signs up to a modern online casino, they’ve got a wealth of games and features to suit.

It’s not all “hardcore” classics like baccarat and blackjack. 2020 live casino software is a perfect example of how the industry has embraced new technology to create entertainment for all. Modern live dealer tables feature all the usual betting options you’d expect from the likes of roulette. However, what they also contain are multiple HD webcams and charismatic hosts. 

Even a few minutes spent on a live casino table at Betsafe allows you to see that these games are as much of a social event as a betting opportunity. Then, of course, there is the new breed of game shows like Dream Catcher and Monopoly Live. These creations are a direct result of more novices and newbies wanting to play live casino games.

Foundations Should Allow Gaming to Thrive

Gaming to Thrive

By taking the best bits of betting and fusing them with games that aren’t “traditional,” operators have created a unique experience. More importantly, they’ve created games and themes that speak to a general audience. That’s important given how entertainment has changed and, more importantly, is changing. The average consumer is now more likely to stay in and play games online than go out and do something.

Indeed, you only have to look at mobile gaming hits like Johnny Trigger from SayGames. In January 2020 alone, the game was installed on 44.5 million devices. That’s a staggering figure and a sign that online gaming, in all of its forms, is more popular than ever. Moreover, it’s another example of why casual gamers are such an important demographic.

This is something online operators can take advantage of. Statista reports predict that online gaming would be worth $94.4 billion by 2024. Given the way it’s enjoyed a resurgence over the last two years, that’s an achievable target. However, if the digital revolution continues, the industry’s value could top $100 billion. New customers and casual players will contribute to this, so it’s the job of operators to keep them engaged. Fortunately for all concerned, the foundations have already been laid, the trick now is to keep building on them.

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