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Orlando Magic beat Brooklyn Nets by 108-81

Orlando Magic hosted the Brooklyn Nets in their backyard but did not precisely go gentle on the basketball court. The hosts ended up registering a tally of 108-81, marking the season low point total this Tuesday. The Nets were without Ben Simmons and Cam Thomas, who sustained a lower back injury and a right ankle sprain, respectively.

Orlando made sure to stay ahead on the scoreboard right from the start. The first quarter favored them heavily, as the deficit of 33-25 turned out to be a tough job for recovery. The momentum continued in the next two quarters. The Magic held the upper hand. The second quarter saw them land 25 points over 19 by the opponent, while the third quarter saw them bag a double of 15 for the edge.

It was only in the concluding lap that Orlando took things easy. The deficit was huge for Brooklyn to make up for. The best they did was 22-20 for the final point of 108-81.

Orlando was led by Franz. He had 21 points, along with 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Moritz fell next in line with 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 2 assists. Others who marked their imperative contributions were Cole Anthony and Markelle Fultz for 12 pieces each, totaling 24 from their side.

Brooklyn may have lacked leadership on the basketball court, for players had undefined roles. Dennis and Trendon held the flag high with 15 and 14 points to their names. Nic brought up 10 to the board, as the remainder only scored a single digit.

Orlando Magic now has a tally of 33-26, and the Brooklyn Nets feature 22-36 on the NBA leaderboard. The Magic have won 4 out of 5 NBA games in recent meetings. Their loss was against the Atlanta Hawks by 109-92. The loss is credited to the poor performance in the third quarter after coming back from half-time. It was the Hawks who could re-strategize and implement the changes to their advantage.

The Brooklyn Nets have a lot to introduce. Their record is the opposite of the Magic. The Nets have won only one game in the last five NBA meetings. The win was against the Memphis Grizzlies by a tally of 111-86. If you’re interested in betting on Nets games or any other NBA matchups, check out top NBA betting sites for the latest odds and betting options.

Orlando Magic will next lock horns with the Jazz, the Pistons, and the Hornets. Brooklyn Nets are scheduled to meet the Hawks, the Grizzlies, and the 76ers. The Orlando Magic are placed in the 7th position, and the Brooklyn Nets are in the 11th position in the Eastern Conference of the NBA. The Celtics lead the table, followed by the Cavaliers and the Bucks.

Upcoming basketball events in the NBA tournament to look out for are between the Raptors & the Mavericks, the Pacers & the Pelicans, and the Bulls & the Cavaliers.

The most recently concluded basketball game in the NBA tournament was between the Trail Blazers and the Heat, with Miami emerging victorious by 106-96.

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