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LeBron James & Sports World Express Outrage Over Texas Shooting

Lakers star in Los Angeles, LeBron James, made an intense plea on social media for gun control after 18 school students and three adults were shot dead in a Texas elementary school in Uvalde. 

In the wake of the mass school shooting in Texas that left 18 school children dead along with at least three adults, confirmed by the Department of Public Safety to the Texan Tribune, the entire US sports community reacted with rage and horror over the tragic loss. Gov. Greg Abbott has identified the accused as Salvador Romas, a high school student aged 18.

According to Abbott, the suspected gunman abandoned his car and entered the premise with a gun and a rifle. The Police later claimed in a press conference that the suspect was killed and acted alone in the mass shooting. The mugshot circulating in the media showed Ramos as a young boy with an expressionless gaze and brown hair. The 18-year-old also shot his grandmother before he planned to show up at the school. 

Uvalde is located 90 minutes away from the west of San Antonio and between Del Rio and the city. This shooting is the second horrific episode in the US this month. Another shooting in a grocery killed over ten people on May 14, and there have been many more shootings in the country, as stated by the Gun Violence Archive. That is about 1.5 shootings per day on average. 

Along with James, other notable people from sports, including Steve Kerr, the coach of the Golden State Warriors, went on a furious, emotional rant just before the Western Conference Game 4 finals on Tuesday in Dallas. 

The Mavericks and Warriors also showed moments of silence before the game. Both LeBron Hames and Steve Kerr shared a sense of outrage and accused the US lawmakers of refusing to raise tougher laws surrounding gun control. Chris Murphy D-Conn also gave a raging speech to the US lawmakers following the deadly mass shooting, pleading with them to pass strong laws to make all kinds of shootings less likely.

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