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Palmeiras vs. Corinthians in Copa Libertadores Femenina final

Arch rivals Palmeiras and Corinthians have set the stage for the final round of the Copa Libertadores Femenina, an annual international women’s association football club competition. It is scheduled for October 22, 2023, at Estadio Pascual Stadium. Palmeiras are going to defend their title against the three-time winners. Interestingly, it took them a shootout round to beat Internacional in the semis.

Palmeiras, on the other hand, had a comfortable win against Atletico Nacional. This is evident from the final tally of 3-1, wherein Amanda scored twice—once in the first half and the second time in the remainder. Beatriz was unstoppable as well, even though her goal came from a penalty shootout in the 35th minute. Nacional could only respond once in the 77th minute, when Daniela found a way to fool Souza for the goal.

Comparing that to the dramatic win of Corinthians, it was only in the near end that the side could inch to victory. Silva first brought up a single in the 31st minute, following which the task was to defend before considering scoring the safety. Victoria did find a way in the 79th minute to secure the goal, but that led them only to the final shootout.

Opponents went back with red cards and a loss by a single goal. The penalty shootout delivered the tally of 4-3 in favor of the 3-time champions, setting up odds at top football betting sites at a highest level.

They now face the challenge of defeating a lineup consisting of Amanda and Beatriz. There is speculation that they will also be unstoppable in the final round. Corinthians struggled less with possession in the Semifinals but were still restricted to fewer goals. Given the manner in which they were unable to penetrate the defense, it is conceivable. Assuming that the same gameplay style is utilized in the championship match, Palmeiras will undoubtedly be awarded the trophy.

Both of them are coming to the final with a 3-3 win in the group stage. Interestingly, their group difference is the same as 12. Both of them had a comfortable win in the last group match.

For instance, Corinthians secured a 4-0 win against Cali, and Palmeiras secured a 6-0 win against Olimpia. Simultaneously, fans will have their eyes on the play-off for the third position between Nacional and RS, happening on the same day at a time slot before the final showdown.

The tournament started on October 6, 2023, with most of the events ending in major wins for teams. A total of four groups of four teams each contested for a spot in the quarterfinal.

The final match between Palmeiras and Corinthians will determine the victor of the trophy, as the losing team in the most recent edition of the tournament will return with the runner-up position. Archrivals have already established the highlights. It is safe to assume that the actual game will be a must-watch.

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