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PFL and ProhiBet partner on regulatory compliance

PFL establishes a partnership with ProhiBet. This initiative aims to promote the improvement of sports ethics and ensure compliance with state-regulated betting regulations.

The primary objective of the collaboration is to prevent individuals affiliated with the PFL, such as instructors and athletes, from placing bets on league-related games. In order to accomplish this, ProhiBet will employ its cross-monitoring and notification infrastructure.

Matt Heap, the managing director of ProhiBet, asserts that the partnership with PFL will yield substantial advantages. From his perspective, the convergence of ProhiBet’s cutting-edge encrypted data transmission module and PFL’s commitment to sports regulation will engender a beneficial transformation in the realm of sports betting. 

ProhiBet is a cooperative effort between US Integrity and Odds on Compliance. US Integrity provides educational and sports stakeholders with wagering monitoring services. Odds On Compliance operates as a compliance technology and consulting firm in the realm of sports wagering and gaming.

The official inception of ProhiBet took place in February 2023. It was the inaugural organization that the Secure Sports Solutions Joint Venture introduced. ProhiBet was initially implemented by the Big 12 Conference of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. As stated at the conference, this represented a component of a dual-pronged strategy aimed at rectifying the deficiencies associated with sports betting. Big 12 is strengthening its control over the distribution of Big 12 data.

The understanding of the PFL is consistent with that of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), which validated a similar agreement with ProhiBet.

UFC has announced that Stake, an online gambling operator, will serve as its sponsorship partner, in an additional scenario that combines martial arts and gambling.

Stake and UFC will collaborate in order to increase the visibility of wagering on all organized events. Furthermore, the platform will feature exclusive content featuring UFC athletes, such as Israel Adesanya, who served as the brand ambassador for Stake.

Stake has recently been the sole title sponsor of the Formula One team owned by Sauber Group. The responsibility for providing coverage for the 2024-2025 seasons will fall to Stake. Stake established a partnership with the Sauber team in 2023 as a co-title sponsor.

Nick Smith, vice president of global partnerships at UFC, stated that the organization is delighted to collaborate with Stake in order to offer social and digital content to enthusiasts.

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