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Secret Cinema Announces the First International Expansion into China in Collaboration with SMG

The well known famous Cinema Brand, Secret Cinema, is expanding to China, branding the organization’s introduction on the global level. Secret Cinema in association with Chinese firm SMG Live will launch its current famous show Casino Royale in Shanghai on 23rd November this year. Moreover, Secret Cinema presented Casino Royale in London this year and has attracted around 120,000 clients until this point, making it the company’s most significant production to date.

Secret cinema has declared its first global venture into China in collaboration with SMG Live, performing arts, and live entertainment business. SMG Live would have the sole license to show Secret Cinema’s present production of Casino Royale in Shanghai. The show will start on 23rd November as SMG presents Secret Cinema’s production of Casino Royale.

The U.K. based Secret Cinema, which gives remarkable cinema experiences, is planning to launch its first display in China, the world’s second-largest film market. Furthermore, the British organization has collaborated with SMG Live to introduce “Secret Cinema Presents’ Casino Royale” in November in Shanghai.

Founder and chief creative officer, Fabien Riggall at Secret Cinema, said:

Founder and chief creative officer, Fabien Riggall at Secret Cinema, said:

Secret Cinema was established in the U.K. in 2007 by film entrepreneur and enthusiast Fabien Riggall. Fusing art, Music, dance, theatre, Secret Cinema makes elaborate worlds, setting the group of spectators at the heart of the activity, obscuring boundaries, and celebrating extraordinary stories by breathing life into them. In 12 years, there have been more than 70 Secret Cinema productions, from grassroots film screenings to massive scale creations of cinematic classics in vast spaces where a large number of individuals visit and participate with interest every night.

Over and above, SMG is the biggest media and entertainment organizations in China and SMG Live, SMG’s performing arts and live entertainment division, has curated much honor winning productions. SMG Live will have the sole license to show Secret Cinema’s production of Casino Royale in Shanghai.

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