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Galaxy Entertainment Group Contributes Millions in Donations

The Galaxy Entertainment Group has pledged to donate millions of dollars to China to help them in their fight against COVID-19. 

As per the reports, the funds accumulated via donation would be spent on providing proper medical supplies to the frontline healthcare workers. Along with this, the donation will also help the medical team with medical and scientific research that helps them combat the virus spread in a better manner. There is a huge impact of coronavirus on the gambling industry.

Lui Che, Founder, and Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group said,

Lui Che said

Lui, further added that the company aims to continue contributing to fight the pandemic so that it helps the medical professionals across China to carry out relevant scientific and medical research. 

The total donation by the Galaxy Entertainment is more than 25 million till now. 

The Galaxy Entertainment Group believes that its the payback time. They aim to “Give Back To Macau and the Greater China Region, who’s primary focus is to encourage charitable activities. The Galaxy Entertainment Group made a direct cash contribution to the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR.

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