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BetGames’ debut crash game, Skyward, gets a customized makeover

BetGames, an absolute top-of-the-line gaming supplier, delivered a customized form of its initial crash game, Skyward. This will fall under the umbrella of the Betano brand in Brazil. The company promises that it will turn out to be a game changer and keep Brazilian gaming enthusiasts totally enthralled. 

According to BetGames, Skyward is not a mere replication but an extensively customized iteration of their original title, featuring many elements that will undoubtedly appeal to Brazilian players. The incorporation of locally-based animations into the game will foster a stronger connection with local players, with whom they will immediately identify. This aligns with the commitment made by BetGames and Betano to ensure that gaming enthusiasts in Brazil have access to games of the highest quality.

Skyward is a dynamic crash game that pushes gamers towards a plane-oriented venture. Adding to the overall feeling, it comes with an appealing look and an aerial view that completes the picture. The game contains an entire array of animations that help keep gamers on the edge of their seats.

The exclusive deal struck between BetGames and Betano intends to revolutionize gaming that is presently available to gamers in Brazil. Understanding the difficulties associated with the limitations in the framework and the custom-made game, Skyward has successfully overcome matters concerning wait periods and balance. It does not require much internet usage and comes with less data utilization, creating a more effective gaming experience for the players. 

Skyward caters to a varied audience seeking thrills, wherein they are also provided rewards depending on their skills. A substantial number of multipliers are thrown in, the top most being x100,000.

According to the latest casino news, the incorporation of this latest game from BetGames’ portfolio by Betano is a portion of projects given to the supplier by its parent organization, Kaizen Gaming. Ian Catchick, chief product officer of BetGames, asserts that Skyward will undoubtedly pique the interest of many player enthusiasts in Brazil and contribute to the platform’s exponential user growth.

According to the Head of Live Casino at Kaizen Gaming, Christos Mavridis, through the introduction of Skyward, the company’s popularity will indeed witness an enormous rise, solidifying its position in the Brazilian market even more.

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