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Players can Now Win Big in “Zaida’s Fortune” on BitStarz

There are numerous methods for telling your future. Tarot cards and readings from tea leaves and palms are also available. However, nothing like a huge crystal ball can reveal the specifics of someone’s future. And let’s face it, there are only two things that everyone wants to know. Will I become wealthy and fall in love?

They can’t help you with the love part, but if they play Red Tiger’s Zaida’s Fortune slot machine, they might be able to predict your financial success!

Making the experience magical is necessary when magic is the theme. You don’t have to sell your slot machine with a magic theme, but it helps. A perfect example of this theory is the Zaida’s Fortune slot by Red Tiger. The slot is simply gorgeous and magical. Everything is so well done, from the montages to the icons and the moving magic hands that activate bonus features. You eagerly anticipate each spin’s upcoming adventure.

Red Tiger’s designers took every conceivable consideration. The reels have a fish-eye aesthetic that gives the illusion of rotating inside a crystal ball.

Zaida possesses all the thrilling abilities that come with being a master of the mystic arts. On any random spin of the reels during the base game, she will choose to trigger one of three thrilling bonus features. You stand to gain if she thinks you are deserving.

  • Take away the symbols – The 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols will each be eliminated from the reels one at a time for 5 successive spins during the Remove Symbols feature. It allows you to spin the reels only with the top-paying symbols present.
  • Wild Abundance – For 5 consecutive spins, the reels will receive up to 2 sticking wilds per spin.
  • Multiplication – For 5 consecutive spins, a random multiplier will be added to the Rising Multiplier total for each spin. The current multiplier will then be applied to any winnings on any given spin.

This game is utterly magical. But that’s just the beginning. When three scatter symbols appear, you’ll activate five Fortune Spins, which is when things start to get interesting.

One of three cards, each representing one of the three base game bonus features, will be available for you to choose from after the feature has been activated. After completing the five spins with the bonus feature engaged, you’ll have the option to choose a different card, and your Fortune Spins will end if you choose the same card.

However, the original and new bonus features will be active simultaneously for five bonus spins if you choose a new card. After those spins are finished, you’ll have the opportunity to activate all three bonus features simultaneously for an additional five bonus spins!

As if all of that weren’t enough, the slot machine also has a jackpot feature that can be accessed by collecting three jackpot symbols.

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