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Slava Medvedenko to Auction Championship Rings for Ukraine

Slava Medvedenko, a former Los Angeles Lakers player, has announced plans to auction two NBA championship rings to support his native Ukraine. All the proceeds received will be handed over to Fly High Foundation by Slava Medvedenko.

The Foundation aims to restore sports facilities in Ukraine as most of them have been destroyed during the war. Slava Medvedenko also looks to launch a network of social sports clubs.

Ukraine faces severe winter, and indoors is where kids can play the most. Having facilities ready by the time would be useful for improving children and their physical health.

As the top sports news states, rings are already under auction that will conclude on August 05, 2022. According to The Laguna Niguel, the auction is estimated to raise $100,000. The Laguna Niguel is a California-based company that published the estimate. The final price could cross the estimated price tag.

When asked what inspired him to take up the humanitarian cause, Slava Medvedenko commented that he was on the roof of one of the tallest buildings in the Kyiv neighborhood, where rocket launching was common.

Realizing that he could die at any moment, Slava Medvedenko decided to take up the humanitarian cause to display leadership and help Ukrainians live better lives.

Auctioning Championship rings is not the only way Slava Medvedenko is coming forward to help his native. He recently staged a basketball game for charity, proceeds of which were directed to help the people of Ukraine who have been adversely affected due to the war.

It has been five months, and people in Ukraine can still feel the effects of war, like rockets and air alerts.

Slava Medvedenko said they have air alerts almost daily, adding that sometimes the number goes as high as four times a day. Slava Medvedenko said that kids now don’t even stop playing when they hear air alerts, that’s how common they have become.

Slava Medvedenko has a history of serving the country. He has worked in territorial defense forces during the war. He was mainly posted in the neighborhood at checkpoints and for duty patrol.

Holding an AK-47 is an experience that Slava Medvedenko did not hesitate to share with the media. Citing that he shot it a couple of times, not at people, Slava Medvedenko appreciated and thanked the army for doing a great job defending Kyiv.

Post-war, Slava Medvedenko plans on using the 10-year experience he gained in the United States of America to change the shape of sports in Ukraine.

Slava Medvedenko was a shooter for the Los Angeles Lakers in 2001 and 2002. He played alongside the likes of Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant and he was chosen as one of the top players at NBA betting sites.

Slava Medvedenko joined the Los Angeles Lakers in the 2000-01 season. He registered his best season in 2003-04 when he averaged 8.3 points and 5.0 rebounds.

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