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Sports betting sees rising female participation, shifting industry dynamics

As per observations, sports wagering is no longer simply the domain for men as there is an increased surge in women taking to it in a big way.

In this regard, Val Martinez, the founder of Betting Ladies, got involved in women’s sports wagering in 2023. From extremely humble beginnings, it has gained tremendous traction, with an increased number of women connecting with it. Every aspect related to sports wagering for women is readily available.

As per her analysis, in 2022, approximately 4.6 million women will be connected with sports wagering. Added to that is the exciting fact that 51% of the wagers concerning the latest Super Bowl were women. She firmly believes this is only the beginning, with many more. 

According to the betting news, the Vice President of Brand Strategy at FanDuel, Jen Mathews, could not agree with her more. DraftKings, too, has made this observation as there is a surge in women connecting with their products.

One of the first women to get inclined towards sports wagering in North America was Kelly Brooks. In 2019, she was responsible for Quarter4, a B2B sports wagering and gaming technology business that adopted AI to offer in-depth college-level and professional sports know-how. It was a website that went down well with the women audience. In her opinion, a fraction is embarrassed at the concept of being involved in an aspect such as sports wagering. In January 2024, Quarter4 was taken over by FairPlay Sports Media.

With the introduction of the NCAA tournament, the spotlight is on Caitlin Clark of the University of Iowa, who, in all probability, will be the top choice for the upcoming WNBA draft on the 15th of April. It is presumed that Indiana Fever will be selecting Clark. She is expected to garner 92% of the wagering handle. This is with men, too, jumping into the fray.

As per DraftKings, the highlighting factor is the emergence and recognition of female athletes such as Sabrina Ionescu of the New York Liberty, challenging Stephen Curry of Golden State, which was amply visible in the NBAs All–Star weekend. From the company’s viewpoint, there is an increased surge in college level sports wagering amongst women. For them, it is a highly encouraging sign, opening the factor of healthy sports wagering to both genders.

As for Martinez, it is a pleasant but a welcome surprise to witness more and more women getting inclined towards sports wagering.

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