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SSOC completes readiness training before FIFA Qatar 2022

As the 2022 FIFA World Cup is nearing, every football fan is excited about the upcoming action. The SSOC (Security and Safety Operations Committee) of the event boosted their morale by announcing their readiness training program completion.

The training takes place in the presence of the Commander of Security Operations, His Excellency Sheikh Khalifa. Several unit heads, managers, military officials, and the Chief Operating Officerdalso attended the event. The event celebrates the female and male trainees participating in different security and leadership training programs. Over 180 individuals earned a certification to continue training for private and government security forces.

To ensure the utmost safety during the most popular sports event in the world, the SSOC will deploy 17,000 private and 32,000 government security officials. Abdul Rahman, SSOC’s Deputy Head, talked about the recent development. According to Abdul, all the training programs were designed to teach the best security approaches. They were accredited internationally and were monitored by Qatari nationals. The individuals trained during the period will also showcase the preparations for upcoming events.

As soon as the announcement was made, many football enthusiasts shared their excitement. Fans even started preparing to chalk up their picks for betting on FIFA. Given the worldwide popularity of football, the event is expected to generate massive bets.

Seeing how all preparations for the big event are planned, fans can expect it to be a seamless experience. Such execution is to be expected for an event that is expected to host over a million guests. Huge organizations like VISA, Cocacola, Adidas, etc. are sponsoring the event, making it a highlight for the world to see.

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