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Stake acquires Betfair Colombia; enters the Colombian market

Stake, a crypto casino operator, has ventured into the Columbian market after taking over Betfair Columbia. Furthermore, this action enables Stake to extend its certification, thus allowing the organization to sustain its activities until 2025.

According to the Chief Strategy Officer of Easygo, the company that supports Stake, Brais Pena, expanding their operations into the Columbian market perfectly fits their strategic objectives of expanding their business into additional regions.

Columbia is known to be the initial licensed market in Latin America. Added to that, it offers a conducive arena and an enterprising entertainment vertical. All of these lucrative factors are the reasons why Stake went in for Columbia. The company hopes to establish a strong position in this space. The organization has set a two-year timeframe to achieve its objectives, Pena further stated.

Stake is known for its multiple associations, such as the UFC, and connecting with celebrities, including Sergio Aguero and Drake, and not to be left out is the Alfa Romeo Formula 1 Stake team.

According to the casino news, Stake has taken Columbia as its business base for carrying out the expansion of its footprint in the entire territory of Latin America. The company is presently functional in the markets of Mexico and Paraguay. This was achieved with the associations formed with the regional operators. In the upcoming days, Stake has laid out distinct plans for venturing into the certified markets of Peru and Brazil.

Pena went on to say that Columbia was the ideal market for venturing into the rest of Latin America. Their intention is to give their share to the local economy and encourage innovation by introducing unique and engaging content for the pleasure of their customers.

All of this aligns with Stake’s history of forming lucrative collaborations, including the sponsorship of the European Cricket Championship and the African Warriors Fighting Championship.

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