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Standings in 2023 Irish Open to be included in UKIPT Leaderboard

There is now a chance that the 2024 UK & Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) has become interesting. Players coming from across the globe to participate in the 2023 Irish Open will not just win a prize, but they will also stand to gain a position in the leaderboard of the 2024 UKIPT.

The 2023 Irish Open begins on April 03, 2023, and ends on April 10, 2023. The leaderboard will run throughout the tournament, allowing players to inch closer to the top three ranks on the chart. While other positions on the leaderboard contribute to the total points, the top three ranks bring with them grand prizes for the winner.

For instance, the player to top the leaderboard gets a total of £15,000 in the 2024 UKIPT Package. This includes £4,000 towards the expense, and the remaining portion, which is £11,000, constitutes live credits for the 2024 tournament. Similarly, the second and third-ranked winners gain £2,200 and £1,100 in live credits for 2024 UKIPT.

A complete schedule of UKIPT 2024 is yet to be made public. The 2023 Irish Open has 40 tournaments with a minimum buy-in of €115 and the maximum buy-in of €5,000. There are many tournaments in that range, but the highest buy-ins are reserved for major tournaments. The Irish Open High Roller runs from April 4, 2023, to April 05, 2023, with a buy-in of €5,000. High Roller runs from April 08, 2023, to April 09, 2023, with a buy-in of €3,000.

The opening day starts at 4 pm with a buy-in of €350 for NLHE 6-Max. It will soon be followed by a satellite event that is scheduled at 8 pm. Notably, 4 pm is not the starting time for all the days. The standard opening time is 12 pm starting April 05, 2023.

Another high buy-in event is €2,000 High Roller 8. It will be split into two days starting April 08, 2023. The championship event is followed by yet another high buy-in event titled €1,150 Irish Open Main Event. It will happen on the same day in two different time slots – 12 pm and 10 pm.

Satellite tournaments are excluded from the consideration for the 2024 UKIPT Leaderboard. The final tally will be determined by the points that have been accumulated by players throughout the tournament.

Anyone looking to enroll in the lowest buy-in event can head over to €115 Main Event Satellite on the opening day. That’s not it, though. The event is scheduled to happen every day in Dublin. Players can enroll for a good time. While it will not contribute to the said leaderboard, it will still fetch decent prizes to the winner. That is worth participating in the 2023 Irish Open. The lowest buy-in satellite event enables a lot of players to engage in the tournament. The next in line is €150 NLHE. It changes the title, but the buy-in happens every day.

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