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The more, the better: FIFA 2026 jumps from 32 to 48 field team

The next FIFA World Cup that will be held in the year 2026 will witness 48 teams participating. Compared to that, in this FIFA World Cup 2022, there are altogether 32 teams in the fray competing against each other. The highest officials have taken this decision with FIFA.

According to reliable sources in the FIFA camp, this suggested increase in the number of teams is because, as observed, the smaller and less known teams that may contribute significantly to the tournament are being left out. In their firm opinion and to do proper justice to this factor, they will now be included in the next FIFA World Cup that will be duly held in the year 2026. It will also be in tune when the World Cup is hosted by the United States of America, Mexico, and Canada.

Change is the only factor that remains constant and is what is firmly believed by FIFA officials. To lay credence to that, not only will there be an increase in the number of teams that will be taking part in the next World Cup, but this will also see an increase in the number of groups playing from the existing eight groups to that of twelve groups.

Now, as in the case of every coin having two sides, in this situation, too, there will be positive and some negative aspects attached to it. With this decision in place, it will no doubt open the doors for the many teams representing many countries to compete and find their place in the professional football arena.

They, too, will have the opportunity of showcasing their skills and receive international exposure. On the other hand, the situation may arise, with more teams coming into the fray, that the focus of the real historic matches that are played out and witnessed may somehow get diluted, what with just so many teams and so many more games having to be accommodated. Now, only time will tell.

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