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The Virat Kohli effect: Shifting betting odds in favor of Team India

Cricket World Cup 2023 is almost here, and Team India is looking in good shape. While the team has multiple veterans, no one can deny the standout presence of Virat Kohli.

Deemed King Kohli, the player has established a reputation only a few have reached in all of sports. The player has over 25,000 runs under his belt, with 75 centuries and 94 half-centuries.

Virat’s presence alone is enough to shift the match’s momentum in India’s favor. Thus, it is only natural that the star player dictates the cricket betting odds, too. It is true that Kohli’s inclusion in the team can shift odds across the online betting sites for cricket.

Kohli is one of the best batsmen, not only in recent times but throughout cricket history. Praised by the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Ricky Ponting, Brian Lara, etc., Virat Kohli has the skills and the temperament to dominate the game.

Above all, the player has the stats to back the support of these great players. Take a look at this:

Kohli is the only Indian batsman to gain 890 rating points in the ICC ranking (ODI). The batsman has the highest ICC rating points among Test Batsmen as well. 

With a success rate of almost 76%, Kohli is (statistically) the most successful Indian ODI captain. Not even the great Dhoni has reached such numbers. With such statistics under his belt, it is a given why Virat’s presence in the team can influence cricket betting odds.

Numbers are not all Kohli has going for him. The player is the embodiment of consistency. Since bookmakers analyze past performances, recent form, batting average, and strike rate, it is obvious why they shift the odds in India’s favor when Virat is present.

While playing first, Virat can help India add an extra 40-50 runs due to his run-scoring abilities. Virat can play on all sides of the ground using different strokes. Be it the start, middle, or final overs of the inning, Kohli can pace the inning accordingly. Such versatility makes him a force while batting first.

However, this sentiment skyrockets when Kohli is in a chase. He’s the only player who has maintained an average of 60 across every format after playing a considerable amount of international cricket.

For context, Sachin Tendulkar had an average of 46.5 in all formats while chasing. Even better, Kohlu has already scored 41 centuries during chases, a number no other has reached yet.

What’s amazing about these scores is how well Kohli paces them based on the occupying need. Such determination and game sense make him a star presence at any point. Thus, as long as Kohli stands on the pitch, bookmakers’ predictions always shift in India’s favor. 

As for his recent form, the player looks to be in top-notch shape and ready to play in the Asia Cup. Virat has not played much One-Day International Cricket in recent months. The player did not get to bat during the Ind vs. WI ODI series recently.

Thus, the most recent ODI cricket match he played was back in March against Australia. The player scored a half-century in the 3rd ODI, showing how he’s ready for the competition. Also, Virat has always been a star performer in the Asia Cup, which will help the player get ample confidence.

The way Virat plays in the Asia Cup will also influence the market dynamics surrounding him. It will also shape the betting patterns

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