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Top 5 Oldest Casinos That You Must Visit Once in Your Life

Many people love to spend their precious time on betting and minting money at various casinos. It is worth noting that the oldest casino in the world is 379 years old. Gambling has already emerged a popular and entertaining activity all across the globe. But, have you ever wondered what you will actually feel when you will visit some of the oldest casinos in the world? Casino di Venezia and Casino de Monte Carlo have already carved their identity as one of the greatest gambling places on the earth. Given below is the list of top 5 oldest casinos in the world:

Casino di Venezia:

It is popularly known as one of the oldest casinos all across the globe. It came into existence in the year 1638. Now the casino does not have its original property and relocated to a palace in the year 1950. It prefers to call the palace as its home that also became the resting ground of eminent German composer Richard Wagner. The casino has left many people awestruck with its perfect amalgamation of modern decoration and historic beauty.

Casino de Spa:

The casino’s existence dates back to 1763. The casino is located in Belgium and had to be rebuilt in the year 1918 as it sustained huge damage in a massive fire incident. The casino underwent major transformations over the years. It is controlled and functioned by Circus Casino Spa Group since the beginning of 2000. The casino offers various interesting modern video slots for players that may include Roulette and poker.

Kurhaus of Baden-Baden:

It gained an identity as a casino in the year 1834. The German casino’s neo-classic architecture has left many besotted. During that time, gambling did not achieve legal status in France and many bettors used to cross over the border to play casino at Kurhaus of Baden-Baden. Soon the casino emerged as an international destination, and its reputation got a major boom.

Casino de Monte-Carlo:

The casino was popularly known as Grand Casino. It became one of the most popular and admired casinos all across the globe. It has been in existence since the year 1856. You will be stunned to find that its popular poker game was played by the MI6 agent James Bond in the 2006 Hollywood hit film Casino Royale. You may come across several rich and renowned personalities arriving at this breathtaking casino in their beautiful supercars.

Golden Gate Casino:

It has already become quite popular in Fremont Street. John F. Miller earlier decided to launch a temporary tent hotel, namely The Miller Hotel, at the property in 1905 as he decided to build a permanent hotel structure that opened by the name of Hotel Nevada in the year 1906. Meanwhile, a casino came into existence inside the hotel until the betting ban came into effect in 1909. Later in the year 1931, the property was extended and renamed as Sal Sagev. The casino was renamed again as Golden Gate Casino in 1955. It has become famous for serving economic shrimp cocktails from 1959 to 2107.


Therefore, we can conclude here that if you are a gambling enthusiast, you may pay a visit to one of these casinos and have a gala experience.

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