TrustTracker Partners With CasinoCoin

TrustTracker, a revolutionary blockchain-aided tool curated to resolve the problem of player trust in the casino domain, has collaborated with leading gaming blockchain network, CasinoCoin. The two decentralized networks will join hands to design the TrustTracker Token based on the CasinoCoin decentralized ledger system. Presently, there are one trillion tokens on a roll in a closed-loop network, which reveals that they are for the internal community and for the outside traders.

What is TrustTracker?

The platform offers a one-of-a-kind experience to the casino gamers by facilitating them to validate the outcomes of each spin or bet placed on the system. It has been designed to cater to the prevailing issue of lack of trust in online casinos amongst the players by adding an extra layer of transparency and operational excellence. By integrating with CasinoCoin, TrustTracker will utilize the excellence of blockchain technology to manage the bets and spins for every customer in real-time. They work with a seamless connection via a simple API, which triggers every outcome to the blockchain.

The TrustTracker token will be used by the owners to acquire information on the CSCL portal. One token will boast of 15-20 spins under its space—one TTT token transaction= .25 CSC in ‘gas’ similar to other tokens on the network.

“The CSCL as a project fork of the XRPL with its own Ledger and development is perfect, and frankly, only Ledger TrustTracker would use. The CSCL has been built to provide utility for the gaming industry, and that is the industry for which we serve,” stated Andrew French, Managing Director, TrustTracker.

The hash of each gaming result is forwarded to the player by the portal. This gives the users a fair opportunity to validate their attained score provided by the operator against the hash stored on the CasinoCoin blockchain solution in real-time and by ensuring the utmost transparency and prudency. A player needs to click on the logo of TrustTracker, and he will be given a QR code for verification on the screen. They can use desktop or smartphones for scanning the code easily.

Features of TrustTracker

  • Substitute to provably fair casinos built on the blockchain.
  • It stores data which can be used by the operators to pool in more players to their site
  • In a broad sense, the tool can be used as an online standard for casinos ensuring their credibility towards visitors

The team-up of CasinoCoin and TrustTracker is likely to pave way for the success of the former participant in a big way. It will give a boost to CSCL effectiveness as a large number of transactions will be executed on a daily basis using TrustTracker and services.

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