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Tsitsipas makes it to the Quarter-Final of the Madrid Open 2023

Tsitsipas and Zapata Miralles came face-to-face in a match that looked to pull Tsitsipas out early from the Madrid Open 2023. This became evident when the Greek conceded three service breaks. The tables turned only at a time when Tsitsipas registered a breakthrough with seven service breaks. His victory stood at the final tally of 6-3 and 6-1, taking him a step closer to the Finals.

As of now, Tsitsipas has made it to the quarterfinals of the Madrid Open 2023 by defeating Miralles at Manolo Santana.

He talked about the victory, saying the game was tricky, especially with Miralles coming in strong in some of his serves. It seemed chaotic, and Tsitsipas stated that he gave himself time to construct the final point table.

Tsitsipas was able to take a 68% lead in terms of the win percentage on first serve. This was pretty huge compared to the 38% registered by Miralles. Break points for the Greeks stood at 7/16 against 3/3. He won a total of 64 points in comparison to the 39 points won by Zapata.

The champion also discussed his satisfaction with the victory while interacting with the media. Tsitsipas said that he is happy with how he could direct the ball, even when it unexpectedly came too deep in a cross-court.

Baez and Tsitsipas met in the Round of 32 at the same venue. That was a tough call, one might assume, for Tsitsipas since the final tally was a near-miss for him. The first session was in his favor with 5-7; however, the second session brought some dubious clouds to everyone’s minds. Baez took a massive lead of 6-3 against all the odds. It all came down to the third session, where Tsitsipas was able to make it through by reversing the scores of the previous session.

The final tally stood in his favor, taking him to the Round of 16, which has now concluded with Struff emerging victorious against Cachin. The odds on tennis betting sites could have gone either way since the event was not what someone with a light heart wanted to see.

Struff maintained a 7-6 lead in the first session, but the second session brought him close to elimination. Cachin struck back with a 7-6 lead before losing out to him for the final score of 6-3.

The Madrid Open 2023 Quarter Finals will see four major events, namely:

  • Alcaraz Garfia versus Khachanov
  • Altmaier versus Coria
  • Zhang versus Karatsev
  • Struff versus Tsitsipas

The top four players will then move on to the semi-finals of the Madrid Open in 2023.

The upcoming quarterfinal round marks the second consecutive entry for Struff, who only had to remain calm against the German Pedro Cachin. Struff now ranks 41 according to the Pepperstone ATP Live Rankings. He is expected to sit at the 29th rank if he passes the quarterfinals to enter the next round.

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