U.S Gaming Sector Has Adopted COVID-19 Change Says AGA CEO, Bill Miller

Our world is dealing with one of its biggest health crises of all times, the Coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, and we as people are searching for ways to cope up with the constantly changing scenarios. In an ode to the American gambling industry, the honorable President and CEO of the American Gaming Association has penned down a note highlighting the measures taken by the gambling arena to adapt themselves with the unfavorable global situations.

He applauded the compliance strategies and the health measures taken by the gambling properties over the past two months, which helped revive the sector once again after the shutdown. Currently, 85% of casinos have kickstarted their working in the U.S by giving full importance to the safety of the customers and the employees. These entities have deep-rooted regulatory policies, commitment to customer services, and strategic collaborations with local communities. All these factors help casinos to absorb the changes quickly.

He wrote,

Bill Miller wrote

As per Bill Miller, the gaming entities have the experience to work with regulators and government authorities for the longest time, and so they were successful in infusing the COVID-19 precautionary measures into their system easily. They followed the protocols concerning the hospitality facilities, food services, social distancing, and gaming as prescribed by the regulators in the best possible way. Proper sanitation, cleaning, health screening, testing, and scrutiny became part and parcel of the gaming properties.

He added that

Bill Miller added

The spearhead threw light upon the various steps taken by the gaming institutions to safeguard their customers and employees. For instance, the MGM Resorts allowed contactless mobile check-in facility to avoid line ups, whereas Hard Rock Tampa used special virus-killing technology to disinfect and purify the air inside. Also, Scientific Games casino infused a new technology that alarmed the staff members to clean the slots machine as soon as one player finishes his game.

He stated that in every gaming state, casinos provide economic assistance to the local communities like workers, small entities, and local governments. Due to lockdown, these sectors faced a major downfall. The people lost their income sources and the government its tax revenue pool. Detroit is facing a loss of $600,000 in gaming taxes every day, and Maryland and Pennsylvania lost $209M and $323M in gaming taxes, respectively, during March and June shutdown. Miller affirmed that a boost in the casino industry could help in recovering other arenas as well, which are dependent upon it.

He conclude,

Bill Miller conclude

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