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U17 FIFA World Cup QFs begin

The FIFA Under-17 World Cup advances to the quarterfinals, an additional knockout stage. The Round of 17 has come to a close, and England’s 2-1 loss to Uzbekistan stunned all observers. In contrast, France qualified against Senegal via a penalty round. Uzbekistan and France will now face off in the quarterfinals.

The most interesting event to stand out will be Brazil vs. Argentina. The recent qualifier gave the Argentina team a competitive edge of 1-0; however, the U17 segment could be a different story. Fans are hopeful that the team will replicate the model to qualify for the semis. England won the 2017 edition, marking its exit as an upset for fans. Brazil will look to defend the title by beating Argentina in a fair game.

A total of 4 events—eight teams—will happen in the FIFA U17 World Cup:

  • Spain vs. Germany
  • Brazil vs. Argentina
  • France vs. Uzbekistan
  • Mali vs. Morocco

Spain and Germany will open the series. Their previous events were noteworthy. Spain had emerged victorious against Japan, beating them by 2-1 in the Round of 16. Then, Indonesia was treated to yet another classic moment when the US was eliminated by Germany by a score of 3-2, advancing them to the subsequent round.

The much-awaited game between Brazil and Argentina will follow.

Brazil suffocated with a meager 44% possession percentage, while Argentina emerged victorious over Venezuela 5-0. Despite dominating the game, Ecuador collapsed due to insufficient attempts on target.

Brazil has the potential to advance, but Argentina is bolstered by their belief in their ability to increase the winning margin at their leisure. Agustin could attempt to extend his streak after hitting a double against the South American country.

France and Uzbekistan is an unexpected event, as the chances of England qualifying were higher. Joel did equalize the score, and the Englishmen had better possession, but shots on target could not find a way around the keeper for a point. Amirbek scored an opener, and Lazibek delivered the edge. Uzbekistan won the game despite having minimal possession throughout the 90-minute run; OT is excluded in this context.

France are now the favorites to move up the ladder to another knockout round. The outcome of the Mali and Morocco event can go either way. Mali did have a 5-0 win over Mexico, but the penalty win by Morocco cannot be underestimated. Qualification has brought them to the last eight, and they now stand a chance to walk another step. Hence. many FIFA betting sites are showing high volatility of odds.

Argentina are backing the performance of Agustin and Santiago. Brazil will look to get more nets from Estevao Willian. France are expecting a better game from Joachim Kayi.

The quarterfinals of the FIFA U17 World Cup will conclude on November 25, 2023. It will then be followed by semis beginning on November 28, 2023, with the tournament slated to conclude on December 2, 2023, after an event for the third spot registered a winner a day before that.

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