UAE announces a federal authority to oversee commercial gaming

The United Arab Emirates has announced the creation of a federal authority that will oversee the functioning of commercial gaming. This word has been assigned to the upcoming segment of the national lottery, which will be hosted by operators who are flocking to the Arab region. The authority that will oversee its operations is GCGRA, short for General Commercial Gaming Regulatory Authority.

The announcement was made late Sunday, with little information provided about the powers and management structure. However, the positions of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer have been announced. Kevin Mullally will take over the chair of the CEO, and Jim Murren will put on the cap of the Chairman. Casino operators who are making their way into the UAE have not come forward, nor has anyone from the relevant office talked about it.

The Authority members have a tough job ahead of them. They are tasked with making sure that the gaming environment is well-regulated and carries the symbol of being socially responsible. Guidelines, not made public yet, will have to be followed with no excuse whatsoever. Compliance, too, will be of a high standard.

Broad working categories are managing licensing activities, coordinating regulatory activities, and unlocking the economic potential of the segment.

This is not the first time that casinos and the UAE have shared a relationship. Before the current announcement, casinos have helped the UAE in raising money to boost tourism activities. Dubai’s plan to have casinos was previously put on hold in 2004. Casinos are now making their way to the UAE months after Ras al-Khaimah announced a million-dollar deal with Wynn Resorts.

Authorities were quick enough to defend it; however, Wynn went on to state that it was establishing the management of an integrated resort. This word can be traced to Singapore, where an integrated resort is used to describe a hotel that has a casino along with other amenities.

According to the gaming news, Kevin and Jim are the perfect appointees, and They have a pretty decent track record in their respective job lines. For instance, Kevin has earlier served in the Missouri Gaming Commission as an Executive Director. His work profile required him to supervise that the US states get started with casinos.

He has said that he is delighted to be taking up the role of a CEO in GCGRA, adding that he is now looking forward to having a robust regulatory body in the gaming & lottery industry.

Jim’s work draws inspiration from his handling the post of Chairman & CEO at MGM Resorts International. The relationship between Jim and the UAE is not fresh. They have worked in the past on the project of developing the Las Vegas Strip. That partnership was worth $9.2 billion between Dubai World and MGM Resorts International.

Working better for Jim is probably the way he handled the COVID-19 response for Nevada.

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