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UFC 302 preview: Dustin Poirier vs Islam Makhachev

Dustin Poirier and Islam Makhachev are slated to fight in Newark, New Jersey, for UFC 302. Several analysts have picked Makhachev; however, there is a good chance that Dustin will defy the odds by beating the reigning champion. He will not just win the event; he will go on to stop Makhachev from coming to par with his mentor’s record.

An ideal scenario imagines Makhachev clinching the win in the second round itself. Dustin is in his 13th year, all geared up to carry forward the legacy that he has built from the beginning.

Poirier is coming off a heavy win against Justin Gaethje in July 2023. He then went on to defeat Benoit Saint Denis earlier this year. He still has a lot to fight for. He is said to have jumped the queue when Makhachev backed out of UFC 300 and Max Holloway and Arman Tsarukyan refused to compete on a turnaround.

A total of two factors will determine the result for Dustin versus Makhachev. Makhachev’s ability to put down his opponent and Poirier’s ability to pressure his opponent into giving up are both examples. The second scenario is more likely; however, dynamics are bound to change in the UFC.

Dustin, also known as The Diamond, relies heavily on his striking and brutal combinations. He can appear to be going in an easy direction before he transitions into something the other fighter can barely stand on the court. He has made substantial progress in his abilities, surpassing those of Makhachev.

The only drawback that he attracts is getting too close to his opponent. This is where Mackhachev can steal his moment for a takedown. It will be all about putting him in a bad position—that is, when he gets uncomfortable and lets the other one conquer.

It’s ultimately all about how much pressure Dustin can put on Makhachev. Proximity will be important, but only if he survives the initial blows. Some of the best MMA betting sites have picked Makhachev as their favorite, while others are backing Dustin Poirier. Nonetheless, the latter is a favorite to win, provided he overcomes his limitations.

Sean Strickland and Paulo Costa will follow that. They have not signed the contract yet, but updates are making it appear that they are looking forward to locking horns. There are no updates on whether the fight has been scrapped. There are no updates on whether they will actually appear in court. The event is pretty much hanging by a thread, with fans awaiting an official confirmation.

Assuming it moves forward, Sean versus Paulo will be the next best event after Makhachev versus Dustin.

UFC 302 happens this Saturday on pay-per-view. Fans can watch it live in Newark, New Jersey. Dustin is the favorite to bag the win. Makhachev, too, stands a chance.

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