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UFC 302 preview: Jailton Almeida vs Alexander Romanov June 01, 2024

UFC 302 goes to the floor on June 1, 2024, and so do the chances for either Jailton Almeida or Alexander Romanov. The former is more likely to carry a win back home with the best odds of +120. If Romanov successfully blocks his attacks, they could still defy expectations. They will be hosted by the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, with a live broadcast on ESPN + PPV at 10:30 p.m. ET.

Jailton had previously defeated Blaydes nine times in the first round. There was tons of action in the first five minutes itself – hence establishing his dominance right from the beginning. Curtis, however, managed to shoot Almeida down with hammer fists to the side of his head. This has led him to fight for an interim title.

Along with the rest of the division, Jailton is on the verge of becoming a heavyweight contender.

Almeida’s tally draws to 20-3 with an average fight time of 7:38 and a reach of 79’’ inches. Romanov holds the 13th position as a UFC contender, boasting an individual record of 17-2 and an average fight time of 8:42. His stance is identified as Southpaw, enabling him to mark a reach of 75’’ inches. The SS accuracy for Jailton is superior at 64%. Alexander stands at 52% accuracy.

Jailton has had a dominating event in the past; no surprise if the next one turns out like that. His win over Derrick Lewis is still the talk of the town, centered around how he managed to rack up over 20 minutes in a 5-round fight. Blaydes won only because he was able to handle the early takedowns. He, too, is known for grappling.

Interestingly, Monarov draws inspiration in a similar manner. This gives him a slight edge over Jailton, if not a heavy chance to win UFC 302. All he has to do is absorb early blows and put pressure on in the later minutes. While Almeida may not have anticipated this treatment, one could commend the attempt as a surprising development.

Romanov is coming after 8 UFC bouts in which he has only been taken down by Juan Espino. Therefore, he possesses significant momentum and confidence. Almeida’s strength will still not know any bounds. Several UFC sportsbooks are favoring him, for he has been into boxing before entering jiu-jitsu. He has the advantage of speed, length, and power.

Jailton has put in a lot of work to improve his skills. He has a better chance of securing the victory, unless there is a repeat of his performance against Curtis. Alexander has drafted his plans carefully. He may want to loosen up for improvisation. Switch to ESPN + PPV on June 1, 2024, to witness UFC 302. It will be available for a live audience at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Almeida will enter the court with a higher probability of winning the event.

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