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UFC preview: Randy Brown vs Elizeu Zaleski, a battle for rank

Randy Brown and Elizeu Zaleski are scheduled for a UFC event. The winner advances in the ranking, while the other will undergo further testing. Most of the expectations are on Brown to clinch a victory. Given his pause between October 2021 and June 2023, Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos may fall behind.

Not that a performance will entirely depend on that gap, during which Randy must have made sure to capitalize for improvements. But it does bring a sense of momentum and confidence into the picture. Randy Brown only faces the problem of oscillating a few times. This pertains to the fact that he can go on to win a large number of fights before retracing a number of losses. This usually happens when fans hold high expectations for a better performance.

He had four consecutive wins before surrendering to Jack Della Maddalena. This can also be linked to the fact that fluctuations are only a normal course in every sport. A player who wins can go on to lose at least a couple of events.

Randy’s losses were against players who had better pace and were more aggressive on the court. The question is whether Brown can navigate his way to transition from defense to attack swiftly if Elizeu has been able to crack this code.

Decisions that could have gone either way surrounded Zaleski’s return. He won against Abubakar Nurmagomedov in June 2023 and went on to clash against many more players. Some of the best UFC betting sites are still focusing on what he can bring to the table in the next UFC event. It could be a better day for Brown or an opportunity to bridge that gap for Zaleski.

He does have 24 career wins to be proud of, plus 7 losses to consider where he went wrong and where he can go wrong again. Interestingly, 14 wins came through KO, 3 after submission, and 7 through a decision. One area where he falls short is his strong use of jiu-jitsu. Plus, his cardio is known to be less proficient in wrestling.

Randy could rely more on putting pressure on his opponent and making the most of his wide reach for major hits. Zaleski does have massive hitting power, but the event will not be as seamless as he expects it to be.

Anyone who wins will advance in terms of ranking. They will achieve a higher ranking than their current currency placement. The player who loses the UFC event will need to wait for their next appearance to demonstrate their value and justify a higher ranking. Their next appearance is not in any headlines, but they could meet again soon if the stars align for the UFC. Fans, for now, can hold on to their seats and speculate on the result.

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