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VFCasinoResort Joins BoydGaming’s B Connected Universe

VFCasinoResort is one of the top luxury resorts globally, which offers full luxury resort services to gamers. It has carved a place for itself among the gaming community and enjoys quite a reputation worldwide. Players from all walks of life hold the VFCasinoResort in high esteem, and now adding to its overall appeal, the resort has announced joining of B Connected universe.

The primary advantage of joining BoydGaming’s B Connected universe will manifest in the form of a range of exciting opportunities that gamers can enjoy in the future. Right from discounts to gifts and from rewards to memorable experiences, B Connected offers the opportunity to earn exciting prizes, gifts, and rewards throughout the year via its five-tier program.

There are five different categories for My Tier benefits in the B Connected universe program – Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Onyx, and Titanium. Each category comes with its distinctive set of rewards, including benefits on the hotel booking, food and beverages, extraordinary discounts, exclusive benefits, and once in a lifetime experiences on sailing and ocean adventure.

One can avail of all these, and much more on best discounts via booking through, provided you are a member of the B Connected program. It’s also suggested that one should always use his/her B Connected card for playing to enjoy all extraordinary benefits and discounts available with the membership.

This coming together of the VFCasinoResort and BoydGaming’s B Connected universe will help players capitalize on better opportunities and avail of attractive discounts while playing their favorite game. The collaboration will help both organizations build upon each other’s strengths and extend their business opportunities. On the largest scale, this will help the gaming industry by encouraging gamers to come back in the desired number and strength after the patchy period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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