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Virginia becomes the final state for Betr’s real money sportsbook

Betr has announced that it has chosen Virginia as the final state that will host its V0 product. That is a real-money sportsbook product from the platform. Virginia is now the third state to host OSB, short for online sports betting services. The other two states are Ohio and Massachusetts. The development comes ahead of the launch of the V1 product, which is scheduled to happen sometime next year, in 2024.

What initially started as a micro-betting platform is now available in a total of 27 jurisdictions. Users can access its mobile application in the iOS and Android stores by searching for Betr Fantasy & Sportsbook and Betr, respectively.

V1 Sportsbook will go live in all the jurisdictions where Betr is live at the moment. There is a strong possibility that the team behind the platform will continue to expand its reach. Virginia has been designated as the ultimate location to host V0 for Betr until then.

Betr’s V1 OSB is enabled through a technical partnership with the Chameleon platform. FansUnite was acquired by the venture, providing Betr with the necessary capabilities to accelerate and improve the product roadmap. It will also assist Betr in expanding its offerings to include pre-match and in-play markets, same-game parlays, and parlays, among others.

Offerings of Betr’s beta V0 are not just restricted to the three states mentioned earlier. Others can experience its services through Betr Picks. What gives it a boost is the integration with Betr Media. Players participating on the platform can access a pick of up to eight players, no pushes, and higher payouts of a maximum of 100x. The focus is on having an intuitive and simple interface for everyone to understand.

An intuitive interface crafts a seamless experience for players, making them return to the platform several times.

According to the betting news, Betr Picks was launched on the last day of July, that is, on July 31st of this year. It has registered massive success since then, primarily credited to hosting Jake Paul and Nate Diaz’s fight. There was also a minigame within the ecosystem of its mobile application. The mobile application did not take much to climb up to the third rank in the App Store. The feat was achieved in the first week itself.

Joey Levy, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Betr, has said that they are thrilled with the launch of V0 in Virginia, adding that they will continue to expand the operations in the days to come. Joey has also acknowledged that the launch of the online sports betting site in Virginia has come at the right time, with the NFL fast approaching.

A set of praises for Virginia by the CEO highlights that Virginia perfectly fits their expansion plan since the state is dynamic when it comes to housing a fan base for professional and college sports.

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