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West Ham & Fiorentina to conclude UEFA Europa Conference League

UEFA Europa Conference League has reached the concluding event where West Ham and Fiorentina will face each other for the ultimate title. Teams will play on June 08, 2023, starting at 12:30 am IST, at Eden Arena. This is a competition to look out for since West Ham topped Group B while Fiorentina missed its chance by a goal difference of three.

Nonetheless, it will be entertaining to see how Fiorentina comes strong with its will to dominate the possession throughout the 90-minute play. There has been a fall in its performance since the recent matches. West Ham could take that to their advantage and break through the keeper to find the net more than a single time.

The second positive for Fiorentina is that their manager has a plan from the minute the game starts. Players know what they have to do and are assigned a definite task. Any random hit whatsoever calls for a backup plan by Fiorentina. West Ham has a challenge to deal with, and it is what has just been stated.

Falling weak is their defending line-up which can often let the ball slide and hence, lose the opportunity of going big with the net. Comes the goal difference, which halted their rise to the second position in Group A.

Playing versus West Ham, Fiorentina will have to consider limiting their fouls to the lowest number possible, find chances to counter-attack, and keep the game as clean as possible. Again, how they will defend is going to play a huge role in their victory if it indeed comes their way. A heavy reliance on Cabral is expected.

West Ham is playing for players who could possibly be leaving the side soon after receiving better offers from other clubs. Declan Rice and Lucas Paqueta are players who could get swapped in the days to come. A word about other players is expected to be out soon.

Simply put, David Moyes has a task on their hands of reconstructing the team altogether with a combination. They are making the final move to lift the title by things aligning in their favor. That is definitely a long shot, but it is worth taking. Football betting sites have started rolling out different odds. One of them is for total goals. The average estimate is under 2.5. It may differ based on the site, and the suggestion is to go for what sounds reasonable.

Group journeys for West Ham and Fiorentina have been remarkable if one considers their last events. Fiorentina lost just one Football match, while West Ham is on a winning streak. Fiorentina’s last match was a 2–goal margin victory against Sassuolo, followed by a 1-goal margin victory against Roma.

West Ham lost to Leicester City in the Premier League but had a one-to-zero win over AZ Alkmaar in the Semi-Final of the Conference League. Eden Arena is gearing up to host West Ham versus Fiorentina on June 08, 2023, at 12:30 am IST. It is going to be a winner takes all contest.

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