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West Ham beat Arsenal, leave them hanging in the second spot

Arsenal only needed one game to at least equalize their points for the top spot. That did not happen; West Ham made the best of all their limited chances to net the ball. The end result was 2-0 in favor of the visitors at Emirates Stadium.

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, expressed his disappointment with the football game they had with West Ham. He has added that it is now time to put the ball in the net and win the game. The statement is important because Arsenal had more chances to land a score on the board. The defensive stretch of West Ham prevailed for a solid restriction.

In comparison, West Ham had less than 50% chances on the target but could convert two of them.

Tomas Soucek scored the first goal in the 13th minute. The midfielder navigated his way to the goal. His response to Bowen’s assistance was right on time for the early 1-0 advantage. VAR checks did come into the picture, taking what fans say was an eternity. The final verdict handed them the goal.

Ward-Prowse took the lead in the second half, assisting until they were closer to the scoring section. Konstantinos Mavropanos went in against his former side to get the much-needed winning edge. The football skills of the hosts came under scrutiny instantly because, first, it was just about equalizing the score. Later, it transitioned to defending the double and attacking the opposition aggressively.

As per the latest sports news, Arsenal are currently in the second spot, and West Ham are in the sixth spot with 33 points. Liverpool are at the top of the table with 42 points, with Aston Villa and Man City in the 3rd and 4th positions, respectively. The 5th spot is occupied by Tottenham, with 36 points against their name.

Matchday 20 of 38 begins soon. Luton Town and Chelsea will meet in the inaugural match, which Crystal Palace and Brentford will follow.

Arsenal still have 12 out of 19 wins to boast about. Liverpool has the same number of wins but benefits from losing just a single game, while Arsenal has lost three times as many. Interestingly, Arsenal and Liverpool met in the previous game and drew, as both sides scored one goal each. Salah did the work for Liverpool, and Arsenal got the support of Gabriel.

That game demonstrates how much Arsenal has to improve its defensive line. Gabriel opened the scoring in the fourth minute. The squad was unable to defend that goal and walked onto the ice in search of an equalizer. Arsenal had fewer chances on goal, with only one number to work with, but they were able to convert half of them to their name.

Arsenal will next meet Fulham at Craven College, already carrying better odds to win the football Premier League event.

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