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Which Offers Can You Get Betting on Horse Races?

Horserace betting augments the thrill of watching the game by giving you a stake in it. If you’re a horse racing fan who studies the game and knows a lot about horses, why not turn that passion into cash. Betting, when done responsibly and with knowledge, can be quite rewarding.

Almost all US sports bookers give out useful first-time bonuses and offer to help you find your feet when you’re new. You can visit to learn more about what kind of offers are currently available.

Factors You Should Look for When You Pick the Best Horse Racing Sign-up Offer


Offers and bonuses can come with a catch, like what types of races or which league you can use them for. You need to make sure that your booking site is transparent about all the details and stipulations surrounding their sign-up offers.

A lot of sites may present extravagant bonuses to lure you in and have you make a deposit. But once you do, you learn the conditions of the bonus that make them useless—for instance, not being able to use the bonus money to hedge your bets by spreading them out.

Ensure that your betting site has made all of its terms and conditions surrounding the offers as visible as possible; otherwise, it would be safe to call them unreliable. A lot of betting sites are verified scams and can be found on this blacklist


Betting bonuses are not always simple to use. They come with varying sets of triggers that need to be activated to let the reward into your account.

Before you accept an offer on a betting bonus, make sure you know what these triggers are and how to activate them. If the betting site is not clear about this from the get-go, avoid those offers. 

Activation Deadlines

One of the catches that you may come across is a narrow timeframe within which to activate or use the offer.

Activation DeadlinesIf the offers are time-sensitive, you need to take that into consideration before accepting them since you are trying to fit betting into your busy schedule. You might have a game in mind that you want to bet on using the offer, but the offer expires when the game is available.

Eligibility by Country

You might not be eligible for a particular reward or bonus, depending on the country or state you’re from. As you know, there are some US States where betting on horse races (and in general) is illegal, such as Texas, Washington DC, Utah, and more

Legality is not the only eligibility criteria for a location, as some locations may be restricted from offers because the betting site isn’t trying to expand in that particular market. You can check whether the offers are eligible for your location on the list of restricted territories provided on the bookie’s site.

Betting Odds

What is the point of signing up for an offer of a thousand dollars if you’re receiving poor betting odds? You have to remember why you’re even here in the first place — it’s to play the odds.

Betting OddsBonuses and other sign-up offers can be worth next to nothing if the odds are unfair or not competitive. Before you get enticed by lucrative offers, it would be best to review the kind of odds you’re getting on that site and compare them with those on other horse racing betting sites.

On A Final Note

Welcome offers for first-time betters can take many forms aside from bonuses, such as cash backs, discount on deposit fees, risk mitigation on the first 5 bets, free access to data, and history of the horse. But these offers can come with stipulations that render them moot. Look past the numbers and be as critical as you can when reviewing offers to get the best benefits.

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