Why are Mobiles Rapidly Becoming iGaming’s Home?

There was a time when the term “mobile phone” was almost a joke. Requiring a suitcase full of hardware to make a call, these devices were hilarious early steps that many of us would rather forget. Over time, though, they shrunk to a size where they can easily fit in our pockets and are now a ubiquitous part of modern life. Along the way, they stopped being mere means of communication, becoming home to many facets of developing digital entertainment.

Today, online casinos are one of the popular forms of mobile entertainment, having worked their way into the limelight after decades of struggle and hard work. In this article, we want to look at which big changes within mobiles and mobile infrastructure made this possible and consider where we might be going next.

The Basic Necessities

For the first online casinos to exist, a few necessities had to be met. The first of these was a movement of mobiles from analog to digital technology. This begun somewhere around the adoption of 2G, though it was 3G, which combined this digital compatibility with the similarly required online access.

The second main component was that of appropriate display technology. Early mobile screens were tiny by today’s standards and limited in a way that made the display of sophisticated casino games impossible. This, alongside the third issue of limited processing power, was largely tackled by the development and rapid adoption of the smartphone. These combined fast speeds with great screens and internet connectivity, and quickly became the popular standard.

New phone
New phone” (CC BY 2.0) by AMagill

Migration from Desktops

A big part of what made smartphones so popular was their use of apps. These small downloadable programs made phones able to run an enormous range of simple games and tools, and many developers jumped on this new opportunity. The issue here is that, for many developers, mobiles could not effectively display or convey what the developers intended.

Casino games, however, were able to perfectly fit mobile screens, and run without massive processor or graphics demands. People’s hunger for choice in these early days led a few games which embraced the required simplicity to stand out. Online casino games like slots were one such example, which became worldwide favorites almost overnight.

Prime World Alchemy Samsung

Into the New World

Over time, the gap between what mobiles and desktops could do on the internet began to shorten. This meant that apps no longer became necessary, and online browser access reclaimed its place as king. As such, all of the huge offers like free cash no deposit casino bonuses opened up to mobiles, too. Players on mobile can now have all the free spins that were formerly restricted to desktop or laptop players, and this has been the last little push the mobile popularity needed.

With all of the fun available from desktops, and without the limitations which are implied with an immobile system, it makes sense that player would increasingly turn to a mobile home. Developers and websites noticed this, and thus have begun throwing increasing attention to this arm of the industry.

While it might be too early to tell, it could soon be the case where some online casinos are developed for mobiles first, with desktop websites playing second fiddle. Of course, we don’t expect mobiles to replace traditional desktop access entirely but make no mistakes; mobiles are going to play a much larger part going forward.

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