Wichita to have a gaming facility after KRGC’s permission

The Kansas Gaming Commission has allowed Wichita to have its casino. Chances are that Golden Circle Casino will be opening its gaming space by next year. Specifically speaking, the operator is planning to renovate the location maximum by 14 months. KRGC, short for Kansas Racing & Gaming Commission, has granted the state’s only license to Phil Ruffin.

Golden Circle is expected to pose a three-floor infrastructure where the first floor will be dedicated to horse racing machines. The second and third floors will be dedicated to other facilities like dining, TV broadcasting, and bars, to mention a few. Phil has stated that their plan is to spend approximately $128 million to renovate Wichita Greyhound Park. The license gives them the right to house a thousand HHR, also known as historical horse racing machines.

What is likely to come in handy here is the experience of operating Treasure Island and Circus Resorts. Ruffin is also the co-owner of Trump International Tower. Simply put, the management has the experience of running the business. They are well-positioned to capture the market of Wichita.

However, this is not the first time that they are attempting to renovate the location. They have inched closer to securing the license in the recent time, but attempts to renovate the Park have been underway for a long time.

Golden Circle was not the only operator in the race. It also featured George Laham on the tracks to offer horse racing betting to the people of the region. Their bid was disqualified by the Commission after it was learned that they already operated Kansas Star Casino. It is located in Mulvane. The Kansas Expanded Lottery Act does not grant an operator permission to have more than one facility in one zone. Hence, the disqualification.

George’s partnership with Boyd Gaming Inc played a spoilsport. Nevertheless, Wichita is closer to having its gaming facility open up in the next 14 months. Needless to say, this is a tentative timeline subject to changes based on how far they walk throughout the renovation of the infrastructure.

Golden Circle has received a letter of support from several local public figures. This includes Pete Meitzner and Dan Hawkins. Also appearing on the list are Sharon Fearey and Mike Hill. The letter of support does not guarantee success. It does, however, paint a picture of the anticipation surrounding its launch.

Phil Ruffin is currently the only candidate running the race. The Commission is considering the decision to give them the license to operate. Development, if any, is expected to come through an official source either of the Commission or the operator.

Casinos in Kansas have worked well for the state in terms of collecting tax revenue. Per the recent figures, casinos in the region collected $103 million in gaming taxes during the financial year 2022-2023. Four casinos also generated $407.1 million in revenue despite a setback in June.

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