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2020 Belmont Stakes Betting Trends

The Belmont Stakes is known as the final segment of the U.S.Triple Crown Series. This horse racing event also has the biggest dirt course in the United States. As the last leg of the Triple Crown show, it tests the true stamina and agility of each racehorse seeking for the Belmont Stakes title along with the Triple Crown prestige.

This year, a lot of new horse athletes are bidding their interest to run for the Triple Crown. Do know that a racehorse can win more than $3.5 million combined purse prize from three racing legs. Besides, the winning horse will have a once in a lifetime opportunity of enjoying the Triple Crown benefits it will get.

With this, many punters are starting to look for horses to bet, especially in the Belmont Stakes. The Kentucky Derby odds, Preakness Stakes together with 2020 Belmont Stakes betting and picks, are starting to come out to guide every horse racing fan and esteemed bettors for wagering purposes.

As everyone is waiting for the Triple Crown to start this year, a lot has been asking how the betting games would look like? Since the Belmont Stakes is the most important part of the series because it is where the possible Triple Crown candidate gets announced, here are some victorious Belmont betting trends you can follow to be successful in your wagering games.

The Racing Ground

As stated, the Belmont Stakes has the largest racing ground in the United States. It measures a full 1 ½ miles running oval distance. It is why the Belmont race track is nicknamed the “Big Sandy” because of this distinction. During the Belmont Stakes racing event, there are also various obstacles that a racehorse must overcome.

When betting for the upcoming Belmont Stakes, you must consider the racing ground. The horse that you must wager can display optimum speed and strength to hustle hard inside the racetrack and win the game. Take note that in order for the horse to qualify in the Triple Crown, he must win the Derby, Preakness Stakes, and most especially the Belmont Stakes.

The Favorites

The Triple Crown is celebrated annually, and many horses are working their best to secure a slot in competing for this event. Do know that the road to the U.S. The Triple Crown Series is not easy. The Kentucky Derby itself, which serves as the first segment, has a lot of prep races to fulfill before a racehorse can compete.

Through this process, the NYRA  (New York Racing Association) is showcasing the early favorites when it comes to odds value ranking and racehorse’s popularity. In the history of the Triple Crown, especially in the Belmont Stakes, almost 40% of the betting winners came from the favorites. However, for the past 30 years, the percentage declined to only 22%.

The Jockeys

The jockeys play a crucial role when competing for a horse racing show. They are the ones who control the racehorses inside the field. Apart from that, they should make sure that they say the right command as to when the horse must lower or increase his speed. It lies in his hands, whether they would end up victorious or a runner-up.

As far as the Belmont Stakes betting is concerned, betting for a racehorse with a high profiled jockey can bring you to a brighter side of the game. It is because you are certain that they have the capability to command the racehorse to showcase an incredible speed inside the racing arena as needed.

The Trainers

Alongside with the jockeys, the trainers also play a vital role in honing an excellent racehorse. They spend months and years working out the horses and developing their running skills to be worthy of joining a stakes competition like the U.S. Triple Crown. They are ones who make sure that both the jockey and the racehorse have a great connection.

If you are pro or a newbie punter, betting in the upcoming Belmont Stakes might help you earn big when you consider researching racehorse trainers. In the past, Wayne D. Lucas, Todd Pletcher, and Bob Baffert are some of the world’s renowned racehorse trainers that have produced Triple Crown titles.


Undeniably, many punters can’t contain their excitement for the upcoming Triple Crown showdown. Starting with the Derby, followed by the Preakness Stakes, and concluded by Belmont Stakes, many racehorses are expressing their interest to bid for this year’s Triple Crown title.

So, if you are one of those horse racing fans who’d like to partake in the Triple Crown betting games especially for the Belmont Stakes, make sure you consider the wagering trends above so you can choose the best entries to gamble.

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