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Nuggets make it to the NBA Conference Final playoff 2023; more to follow

Denver Nuggets defeated the Timberwolves 112-109 to win the series by 4-1. As a result, they have made it to the Conference Finals of the 2023 NBA Playoffs in the Basketball match. This marks the second time in what is known as the Nikola Jokic era that the Nuggets have made it to the last step of the tournament.

Denver Nuggets previously induced this close in 2020 Orlando. Assuming the Denver Nuggets make it to the winning side, then it will for the first time that they have secured the number 1 seed in the NBA finals.

It could be very much possible since the finals are less likely to see LeBron James and Stephen Curry in action. An unfortunate loss for the fans who were hoping to see some winning bounces from their champions. Nonetheless, they can still experience a shining conclusion to the tournament once the champion from the Eastern side emerges.

The Nuggets are on the road to winning yet another series. Competing with the Suns has been somewhat tiring, one may assume. It was close to equalizing the final board before the Denver Nuggets gained the lead in 2 Basketball matches. Game 7 is yet to be scheduled at the time of drafting this article, but there is already a lot of hype around Game 6.

Except for the last two quarters of the game, the Denver Nuggets completely dominated Game 6 with a massive margin in the first two quarters. They led 44-26 in Q1, followed by a lead of 37-25 in Q2. With sufficient gaps left to be filled, the Nuggets probably let the remaining quarters slip for a while.

Nikola Jonic, who is now hoping to get the winning seed for the side, made it clear in Game 6 versus the Suns that there is a lot to offer in the Basketball game contest. He registered 32 points with 12 assists to ensure that the victory seamlessly tilted to their side. And so it did. Jamal Murray made up to follow him with a total of 26 points to his name.

The Suns were left with only the option to fight back. Cameroon Payne and Kevin Durant each came up with 31 and 23 points, respectively. Andry Shamet could have been better with something more than 9 points.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Conference sees the Bucks at the top of the charts, followed by the Celtics. A final verdict is awaited as NBA betting sites predict who is more likely to make it. Reports, however, say that the Bucks and Giannis have been bounced. The 76ers and the Celtics were the last to meet for the said Conference, with the Celtics claiming a 95-76 win easily.

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