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Unibet acquires SOC 2 data security certificate

Kindred’s Unibet brand manages to acquire the Service Organization Controls 2 (SCO 2) Type 2 data security certificate in Ontario, Canada. The certificate has the endorsement of the North American territory, as it meets the set requirements. On the part of the businesses, they need to expose their information modules, as well as their security policies, in order to ensure they are living up to the stringent data security and operational procedures required. 

The necessary auditing was carried out by MNP LLP, and they went right into the crux of Unibet’s management and protocols, with regard to data management, along with system accessibility and risk management factors. Subsequent to that, MNP, in its report, has notified that Unibet’s associate in Ontario, Pala Interactive, lives up to all of the required strictures pertaining to matters of security and ethical practices. 

According to the Chief Technology Officer of Kindred, Soren Thornlund, right from the company’s inception, they have made it a top priority to meet the strict standards set by the concerned authorities with regard to safety and privacy-related factors. They have always ensured that their operating platform remains safeguarded, along with the customer data being insulated from any kind of external threat. In his opinion, receiving the certification proves the point. 

It was in 2022 when Unibet was introduced to the Ontario market, a first-time venture for Kindred in Canada. The company took the opportunity to deliver its iGaming and sports betting products under an umbrella brand. 

So far as the Country Manager (Canada) at Kindred, Amanda Brewer, is concerned, they feel privileged to have acquired the SOC 2 certificate following the required audit. It speaks volumes about their business ethics and their overall attitude towards aspects related to the safety measures adopted by the company.   

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