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3-card poker game: Things that you should know

Counted among the most popular games in the poker, 3-card poker is quite a straightforward game. Yes, it requires the strategy, but unlike some of the other poker games, the game is not complex by its nature. One of the fundamental differences between 3-card poker and other poker games is the fact that in the former, you play against the house while in the latter, the moves are against other players. The game was invented by Derek Webb in the last decade of the 20th century, which indicates it is a comparatively new kid on the block.

3-card Poker: How to Play? 

In the 3-card poker, the only thing you really need to be concerned about is your own cards and the house’s cards. In case you make a wrong move, only you will be punished, and unlike some other games, there will be no penalty on the fellow players. The game starts with the distribution of the cards by the dealer. Each player will get three cards, and the ante bet is made. Dealers also receive the same number of cards, but their cards are faced down. Once the player makes an ante bet, then one has to choose from the options of either call or fold. In the first option of calling, the player has to make an additional bet while in case of the folding, the forfeiting of the ante wager will happen.

In order to qualify, the dealer requires at least queen-high or better. In case the dealer fails to qualify, you win the money on the ante bet. However, in case of qualification of the dealer, your hand will be compared against the dealer’s hand, and accordingly, the best hand will be declared as a winner. You also get a chance to win a bonus in case you are able to achieve straight or better, irrespective of the hand that the dealer has got. It is also important to note that if the player chooses to go ahead with pair plus bet, then the winning amount will be decided on the basis of the value that your hand commands.

3-card Poker: Strategies to play effectively

The 3-card poker has 3.3 percent house edge, which is relatively small, providing players a fair chance to win. However, you need to play carefully as with the wrong strategy or side bets; the house edge can increase significantly. In order to reduce the chances of increasing the house edge, keep in mind not to go for pair plus bets. Although it is tempting to go for the pair plus as payouts are quite high, you become more prone to losses than to gain in one of the rare occasions of success. You can also pursue a strategic choice of remembering one particular combination of three cards, and on the basis of this combination, you can make your decision to either fold or call. Unlike some other games, the 3-card poker is played in relatively relaxed settings, and you get enough time to make your decision.


It is not difficult to understand the reason behind the popularity of 3-card poker. The game is not a complex one, and with a relatively lower house edge, it provides participants of their fair chance to win big in the game. Most of the physical and online casinos offer players a 3-card poker game, and you can even go for a trial run before playing it in real-world settings to try your luck.

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