3D Avatars Launched by KamaGames – Unique Gaming Experience

Players in KamaGames can now take their gaming experience to a new high as they launch their latest innovation – Animated 3D Avatars. Those on the KamaGames app can now have a real-life and customized gaming opportunity as they take their 3D avatars to the tables.

This launch was announced by KamaGames in a tweet. Check it out at

The customization is a critical feature that is being offered by KamaGames. Players do not have to use the standardized avatars but create one to suit their needs. From over 600 types of different avatars, players can create a style that matches their whims and fancies of the moment. After all, gaming on olybet or KamaGames should be amply rewarding for the players.

A look into what is on offer is amazing. Select an avatar and then pick on the accessories. There is a wide range to select from a packed wardrobe of clothes, hairstyles, and accessories that include hats and jewelry. Once you have selected one or more of these items, the next thrust is to zero in on exactly what you want from them.

For example, a hairstyle – you can change the color and length and have an avatar that is close to your heart. The same goes for articles of clothing and others. You name it, and KamaGames avatars have it, all in brilliant and life-like 3D. So, when you arrive at the table with your avatar, you have a unique and exclusive one on your hands that will make you stand out in the KamaGames community.

What do you gain from this wonderful and technologically advanced innovation from KamaGames? You have the chance to highlight your style and personality through the avatars you create. Moreover, the avatars will reflect your mood and the state of mind you are in. If you are happy, your avatar will show it; if you are sad, so will be the avatar’s mood. Even when you are deep in thought, your avatar will follow suit. And most importantly, as in real life, your avatar will not be in one place but will move from table to table and interact closely with others – just as actual players would do.

To get a feel of the 3D avatars, play Pokerist on KamaGames after downloading the app.

About KamaGames

KamaGames is one of the largest Europe-based social, mobile poker operators and also one of the fastest-growing independent gaming companies globally. Their objective has always been to introduce innovative products to take the gaming experience to the next level. The 3D avatar feature is the right step in this direction.

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