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888poker takes the battle against AI to the next level

888poker is an organization that places a high premium on issues relating to honesty and transparency. In order to put its intentions into effect, it takes great care to ensure that no type of fraud is being committed at any given moment or under any conditions. It has used some very important technologies to determine the weak spots. The main argument it makes seems to be against the application of AI, like in the case of Real Time Assistance (RTA) software. Last year, several fake areas were found, and the company had to give back $290,000 to more than 6,800 customers. They claimed that these had been defrauded at some point in the past.

RTA tools begin with simplified charts and reach over to complicated problem-solving software. These expose the gamers to game-theory optimal (GTO) play. These sorts of tools have existed for some time now, but of late, it has been observed that they are being more frequently used. In the month of September 2020, it was Fedor Kruse, a professional poker player, had to quit his game as he was utilizing RTA. He had been raising the stakes and doing so confidently, a factor that speaks volumes about the power of RTA.

888poker also happens to take on RTA users with a steely hand. It happened to be the gamers belonging to the United Kingdom who felt the impact the most. Of all the people who received refunds, 18% happened to be from the United Kingdom. To them was released the amount of $50,379 in total. The next in line were the Germans, who were returned $38,997. Canada came in third with a refund amount of $38,614.

As per the online poker news, 888poker happens to be utilizing the new-age technology for identifying areas where the help of AI and RTA is being taken. However, it has an able accomplice in the form of the participating players who, if they can detect any wrongdoing, take immediate action and report it to the entity.

According to the Head of Poker Offering at 888poker, Matan Krakow, their commitment to ensuring that all of their connected gamers continue to enjoy poker games sans any risks of fraud will always remain an absolute priority for them. They also find it extremely encouraging that the players, too, are seemingly taking on an active role in their support of a hassle-free game of poker.

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