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Alabama to legalize lottery but prohibit casino and sports betting

The Alabama Senate Committee’s ruling stipulates that while the state may choose to operate a lottery, no casino activities or sports wagering facilities will be available. This is following its agreement to strengthen the preceding iteration of gambling legislation. This opposed the Alabama House-approved legislation that permitted all three verticals.

This will be implemented through a September special election, as opposed to the general election that was originally scheduled for November.

According to Senate sponsor Greg Albritton, R-Atmore, the modifications were implemented to secure adequate votes to pass the legislation successfully.

By voice vote, the Senate Tourism Committee approved the legislation. This places the constitutional amendment before the Senate for consideration; passing will require a three-fifths vote or 21 of the 35 senators.

Consequently, the legislation would necessitate a resubmission to the House due to the modifications introduced by the Senate. It will be referred to a conference committee for a final resolution if no consensus can be reached.

According to the betting news, the legislation may nullify the regional constitutional amendments pertaining to wagering and effectively prohibit its existence. This would result in a variety of racetrack-based gambling options. In addition to wagering on antiquated gambling systems, pari-mutuel betting on horse and dog racing via simulcasts will be available. Gambling will incur a taxable amount ranging from 24% to 32%, and electronic bingo and casino games are categorically prohibited.

The proposal potentially grants the government the jurisdiction to negotiate with the Poarch Band of Creek Indians. The tribe could potentially offer casino games on tribal territories as a consequence of a midpoint. 

Albritton stated that through March 30, 2029, proceeds from the lottery and other forms of wagering would be contributed to the state general fund. It would subsequently be allocated in thirds to the General Fund, the education budget, and roads and bridges. According to Albritton, sports betting was mainly taken out of the plan due to worries about the possible negative impact on youth.

He believes that sports wagering should be prohibited because it poses a danger to youngsters.

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