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American Football Has Been Added to PressBox Live Platform

National Football League 2022-2023 and National Collegiate Athletic Association competitions are just around the corner. This is the time that is quite correct to launch a football-related initiative.

Stats Performs, for instance, has added American Football to its PressBox Live platform. It has been highlighting European football for nearly one year. The company is now looking to leverage its expertise and experience in making the launch of American football a huge success.

American Football Added To PressBox Live Platform

Exactly as the two crucial competitions are drawing closer to the United States of America, Stats Perform has taken a decision to add American football to the PressBox Live Platform.

The PressBox Live dashboard, as of the moment, provides real-time insights into the competition. It is powered by Artificial Intelligence and driven by a huge collection of data. The team has shown tremendous success in the section of European Football. It is now expected to show similar results with American Football.

As per the recent updates, the PressBox Live platform has called upon the National Football League and National Collegiate Athletic Association to share the data that goes back to 1920. This definitely stands for its reputation of being driven by data.

It also plans to highlight important insights related to betting. This will enable the platform to cater to that section of the audience who are extremely enthusiastic about football betting sites across the United States of America.

Streams will highlight the betting insights along with the play-by-play coverage. The feature will be available for betting enthusiasts across the country only.

The PressBox Live Platform added the section of football in May 2021 and is now taking a step to add American Football.

Nancy Hensley, the Chief Product & Marketing Officer For Stats Perform, said that the team has designed the data-driven platform to serve real-time data to its users.

She also said that it has been the biggest challenge for every broadcaster to quickly have a glance at the important stats during the dynamic changes of the game. The team designed the platform to inculcate such elements as these are what grow the viewership, keep audiences engaged, and sponsors interested.

Nancy Hensley compared the platform to the situation of having multiple assistants that assist to discover stories behind the action of the field. She also called PressBox Live a game-changer for broadcasters who were looking to make their storytelling unique in the industry.

One of the most interesting features of PressBox Live is that it acts as a mediator between the users and experts. Users of the platform who are interested to explore features eventually find that a team of sports experts is only a click away in its mobile application.

Steve Hirdt, the Senior Director of Operations & Research at Stats Perform, expressed his excitement by saying that he was thrilled with the decision of Stats Perform to add American Football.

He further added that he was now looking forward to seeing the team replicate the success of European Football with American Football.

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