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Angela Jordisan and Jacki Burkhart launch GoFundMe

Poker players Angela Jordison along with Jacki Burkhart have begun a GoFundMe campaign. The aim and intention behind this is to be able to collect the required amount of funding in order to be able to send eight military veterans to the 2023 World Series of Poker Salute to Warriors event that happens to be slated for the 25th of June, 2023. Incidentally, where Angela Jordison is concerned, she happens to be a winner of the Global Poker Award. Both of them happen to belong to Oregon.  

The military veterans will be provided $500, in terms of the amount required for the buy-in, along with the air travel expenses and the total expenses that will be incurred for their stay in Las Vegas. This opportunity for the veterans may just be opening the doors to be able to acquire a generous amount of extra earnings for themselves. In the case of the year gone by, the Salute to Warriors charity bracelet was picked up by James Todd, who happened to have won for himself the amount of $160,000, defeating 3,209 participants. 

As per online poker news, the way the two young poker players see it, they require to raise the amount of $10,000 in order to be able to meet the total expected expenses in the first phase for five veterans. By themselves, they have managed to put together the amount of $1,500 to kick-start the campaign. As of the present moment in time, there has already accumulated a total amount of $13,000. 

According to Jordison, she has already selected the first veteran who she will help send to Las Vegas for the Salute to Warriors event, and it is Ryan Mitchell. Incidentally, he was a war veteran who she came across at some poker game. That happens to be exactly the moment that she came upon this idea of starting a campaign for collecting sufficient funds in order to be able to send some fortunate veterans to try their luck at the 2023 World Series of Poker Salute to Warriors event. 

The highlighting factor here happens to be the fact that they do not need to make any sort of financial arrangements themselves. To make it all possible, it is the poker community that has gladly jumped into the fray.  

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