Apple to Make Its Foray Into the Gaming Industry

As part of its expansion plans, Apple Inc has decided to foray into the PC gaming industry this year. The California origin tech giant has some plans in the pipelines to introduce an upscale e-sports Mac at the high profile annual WWDC conference in 2020.

According to highly placed sources, Apple’s upcoming e-sports PC is tipped to be in high range. The cost of the unit is estimated to be approximately $ 5000.

According to a report, the worldwide e-sports market recorded a massive 26.7 percent growth in 2019 in its revenue to reach 1.1 billion when compared with 2018. Apple will reportedly make its foray into the PC gaming industry for the first time. The company has yet to divulge vital details whether the soon to be launched gaming computer will be a MacBook Pro or an iMac.

Earlier, Apple has largely overlooked the gaming industry and games do not seem to be in its DNA. All the efforts of the company have so far channelized on using computers.

Earlier in 2019, Apple made its debut in the gaming industry with its Apple Arcade subscription service. The cost of Apple Arcade in India is kept at Rs 99, and subscribers can play games on iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, and Mac systems. The gaming service permits 6 members to share subscription in the family plan.

As of now, Apple Arcade service has been providing more than 100 games in various genres that may include adventure, action, puzzle, among others. Moreover, the company has also been launching the latest games every month. Apart from these games, an individual can also use Siri Remote to control the games.

Rumors are rife that Apple is scheduled to update its 11-inch iPad and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

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