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Arrests and bans: Australia and Russia are not pleased with eSports betting

Australia and Russia seem to have a very different perspective towards eSports betting when compared the countries like Canada or America. It can be believed that they want the sector to be heavily regularized and it is apparent in the actions taken in the past months. Both the countries have taken steps against the industry, in that, Australia has resorted to arrests and Russia believes that a complete ban on the betting of eSports is a step that should be taken. The arrests were made by Australia as the culprits were caught red-handed in sports betting ring.

The speculation had been going on in Australia for a while now, the suspicion of the authorities in Australia had arisen when they came in contact with a betting agency. Through powerful sources, they reached the convicts and who have been convicted of betting or using information for betting in order to earn money. It is being said that if their crimes are proved, they would get at least 10 years in jail.

Meanwhile, in Russia, steps are being taken to see to it that online betting is not something that the citizens take up with. Needless to mention that the citizens are aware of the stance by their government, as a result, there can be noticed a clear decrease in the wagering volume over the years.

Even as Russia believes that a blanket ban on eSports betting is the way to go, it is important that the authorities keep a mind that only when there is an open forum for issues like gambling that it is possible to detect the nuances of the business that will be harmful in the long run. However, it is yet to be determined the manner in which the ban will come about.

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