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Arsenal seconds the leaderboard with a 5-0 win over the Wolves in Premier League

The Premier League sees Arsenal win 5-0 over the Wolves. It was a sight to watch out for, except that the Wolves were drained in their tears after a terrible loss. While it was not a consecutive loss for them, it was not a win-loss either in the football match. Meaning the side had drawn its previous match and was just looking to end the board on a better note.

It is right to say that Arsenal outsmarted them, especially with Granit bringing in two goals in less than 5 minutes. The opener was scored in the 11th minute, followed by the second in the 14th minute. The final goal of the first half of the football match came from Bukayo Saka in the 27th minute.

The Wolves stared at an opportunity to make a comeback, but Ramsdale found little to work for. Only a total of 6 shots were taken, out of which zero were on target. Distracted, probably, the opponents now go back as a team in the 13th position with 41 points in their register. Arsenal, on the other, takes pride in nearly topping the leaderboard with 84 points. A difference of 6 points comes in between them, rising at the peak.

Per the statements made by Arsenal, it is a fact that they have won their final league game in all of the 12 seasons, remaining unbeaten in the last 18 on the closing day since they lost to Birmingham City by 2-1 in 2004-2005.

Notably, this is the first time that Granit has scored a double in a single game throughout his 297 appearances for the club. Xhaka’s total net comes to nine during this season.

Not to forget, that hunger for more goals was fulfilled by the aggression of Gabriel and Jakub in the 58th and 78th minute, respectively. It was pretty much expected by some of the top football betting sites that Arsenal would eventually grab victory in this event. It was, however, unexpected that so many records would also be taken into consideration. It includes the Wolves losing eight out of nine final games in the Premier League from 2009-2010.

Another fun fact is that this is their 26 victory of the campaign, equal at par with the highest-ever tally in the League. The feat has previously been achieved in 2001-2002 and 2003-2004. A point standard of 84 is the third-highest total in the history of the club.

This is not the only event where Arsenal restricted the opponent to a nil score. This was earlier done against Newcastle when Martin and Fabian brought two goals for the team. Having said that, the team is not exactly indestructible since it has stayed goalless two times against Brighton and Nottm Forest, one time each.

Upcoming matches of Arsenal are against Man United and Barcelona. The Wolves are gearing up to face the Celtic and the Roma at the end of July 2023.

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