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Asian Poker Tour Philippines Gets Cancelled Due To COVID-19 Impact

Serving as one of the most popular poker tours in the world, the Asian Poker Tour has cancelled its long-awaited tournament scheduled to be held in the Philippines between September 8 to September 21 for the gamers. The team has taken the decision citing the travel complications risen due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis across the globe.

As per the information, the APT Philippines 2020 event was planned to be organized at Newport Grand Wing, Resorts World Manila, on the set dates. Coronavirus has given a major jolt to all industrial domains causing the firms to set back from their planned events, activities, meetups, and tournaments, and poker industry is no different. In the past few months, a chain of gambling events and matches have either been cancelled or postponed by the organizers to ensure the safety of the people involved.

The incompetence of the travel sector to cope with the aggravating situation, along with the restrictions imposed by the authorities on international traveling, has churned the gambling business dramatically. Though the casino arena has shown signs of reinstatement with major casino establishments resuming their operations, the reality is far from becoming normal. The cancellation of ATP Philippines is a big turnoff for all the participants who were eagerly waiting to knock-off their competitors in the tournaments and pool the whopping prizes in their credit.

Asian Poker Tour is a global poker tournament that takes place in multiple countries, attracting some of the biggest gamers of the space to show off their talent at the poker table against others. Anyone willing to take part in the future ATP series has to get themselves registered for the event. The registration steps are:

  1. Arrive at the APT Player Registration Desk. Give and/or confirm your details with the team (and/or fill the details in the Player Release Form with a signature).
  2. Show your ID or give your name and inform the members about the event you would like to join. You will get the Tournament Receipts, which are to be paid and verified at the Cashier counter.
  3. Take the Tournament Receipt to the Tournament Staff before the tournament to avail your seat card.

The team has not given a new date for the tournament and has urged its players to follow the website for the latest information.

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