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Averett Plans Positivity with Intra-Squad Scrimmages

This year, Averett University decided to go creative by planning intrasquad scrimmages to keep the athletic spirits high despite the postponement of Fall Season scrimmages due to coronavirus.

The university planned intrasquad scrimmages for Volleyball, football, and women’s and men’s soccer since the season’s scrimmages got postponed to Spring next year. Thirteen former students from River City high school were scrimmage participants. Averett volleyball placed 6 of their outstanding athletes who have participated in the eight-game Cougar’s scrimmage series. The participants included- Lanie Ouzts, Sarah Marlowe, Saige Johnson, Cathryn Estes, Grey Capozzoli, and McKenzie Miller. Football seconded with four players from Averett in 3 scrimmages, including Xavier Aguilar, Hunter Crews, junior Sam Faison, and Ridge Mills. Women’s soccer showed as much enthusiasm with former 3 Eagles representing George Washington in the seven Cougar scrimmages, namely Thania Hernandez, Daizuane’ Giggetts, Quntasia Miller.

Averett Women’s Soccer was led by Miller, who scored four goals in the fourth scrimmage. She gave a head-start to the Blue Team with two goals. She scored another two after switching to the Gold Team and put in four of the five goals in total to bring a 3-2 victory to the Gold Team over the Blue team.

Volleyball did not stay behind as Miller contributed 41 dimes in Cougar’s opener and another 38 in the second. In the second scrimmage, she made 13 digs. The third scrimmage witnessed another 16, and 10 in the fourth, fifth, and the eighth scrimmage. She has made 291 assists, 13 kills, and 86 digs so far. Miller’s consistency was matched with Wilden’s dynamism in soccer with a breathtaking game-winning Penalty kick in the last 23.3 seconds. Averett Blue won the first scrimmage over Gold with a 3-2 lead, paralleled as winning the Cougar Champions Cup.

Gold scored evenly with the Blues in the second Volleyball scrimmage with a 1-1 tie. The Blue won the third scrimmage. Gold got the better of the Blues in the last two scorings 25–16 and 15–8 to be victorious in the game. Johnny Kummander kicked in 2 goals to bring victory home to Averett. His last game-winning kick came in just after the 86th minute when Lluc Pou Busquet equaled the score at 1-1. Kummander has contributed assists this season, scoring seven goals in the Cougars’ eight scrimmages.

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